There is an endless choice of dining options in Seminyak. The diverse styles, settings, ambience and cuisines ensure there is something for every budget. After living in Bali off and on for years here are a few restaurants we have tested which we recommend are worth pooping in and getting a bite to eat at.

Seminyak Restaurants

Sea Circus Restaurant

Sea Circus – probably Seminyak’s trendiest breakfast venue. Melbourne-style cafe full of hipsters and the young and good-looking. Food is brilliant and the mixed juice is a must. Meet you there anytime!

La Favella Seminyak Restaurant

La Favella – hands down my favourite spot in Bali. Imagine Johnny Depp as an interior decorator – it’s like Salvador Dali’s workshop. Unfortunately the food is only simple, the place comes alive at night (literally, they have a macau, a ferret, fish and other strange animals all over this place).

Sisterfields – brand spanking new Melbourne-style cafe just down from Grocer & Grind. Tested, good but not as good as Sea Circus or Café Zucchini.

Townhouse Seminyak Restaurant

Townhouse – completed in 2013, this 3 storey townhouse is right at the end of Eat Street. Great place for lunch and Dj’s upstairs at night.

Bistrot Restaurant in Seminyak

Bistrot – opposite Red Carpet on Eat Street. Not bad, not amazing. Nice decor but nothing compared with next door at La Favella.

Hotel Mexicola Restaurant Seminyak

Hotel Mexicola – simple Mexican restaurant dripping with personality and getting rave reviews from all who venture. Restaurateur just opened Salty Seagull around the corner with similar style – very popular.

Mama San Restaurant

MAMA San – Asia food (mainly dumplings) cooked perfectly. No views however located in Seminyak but food is very good and this place books out over the peak seasons.

Sarong Restaurant

Sarong – one of the most popular restaurants, which you must book weeks in advance. International acclaimed chef and award winning restaurant. Yummy!

Petitenget Restaurant

Petitenget – Located on the boarder of Seminyak and Petitenget this restaurant is well worth a visit. Great food and cocktails plus a movie night every Tuesday night from 8pm.

La Lucciola Beachfront Restaurant

La Lucciola – great Italian food on the Seminyak beachfront. They have an extensive wine list and superb food to match. Watch the waves roll in and the sunset over the ocean. Bookings are essential.

Ulitimo Italian Restaurant Bali

Ultimo – another Italian restaurant right in the heart of Seminyak on ‘Eat Steet’. Head out the back to the tables in the garden setting. Service is fast and the meals come out very quickly.

Red Carpet Restaurant and Bar

Red Carpet – the Red Carpet bar isn’t known so much as a restaurant however they have great meals at reasonable prices, it’s only the champagne that will send you broke. If you are looking for an Australian steak then head to Red Carpet for a bite to eat.


Jemme – I’m obsessed with Lychee martini’s and Jemme know’s how to mix a great cocktail. The food in brilliant and the roast chicken for two is the best in Bali. Make sure you pop in and have a look at the jewellery store next door on the way out.

So next time you are in Bali do remember to check out our list of must visit restaurants in Seminyak.