While Bali is a popular destination for Australians for a quick and cheap tropical getaway, it is soon becoming a retirement hub for older Australians. Australian retirees prefer to spend their golden years in Bali – an affordable alternative to enjoy a happy lifestyle keeping expenses at bay.

For some of them, Bali is a destination where they can fulfil unrequited ambitions or give wings to dreams that could give them enough income to spend a larger, fuller lifestyle. Instead of slowing down after stopping work, Australian retirees are choosing to see more of the world by moving to cheaper destinations – a trend quite popular among Europeans.

The trend of Australian retirees moving to Bali is slowing gaining momentum due to the growing popularity of fly-in, fly-out jobs, the availability of long-term visas and the flexibility of stress-free travel to Australia. Bali, being closer to Perth, Darwin and most of Australian cities presents itself as an ideal retirement destination where the cost is living is comparatively lower than Australia.

Australians choose to spend their Golden Years in Bali

Tens of thousands of Australian retirees are drawing on age pensions while living overseas. When we asked a 69-year old journalist from Queensland, he said that it is possible to live much more cheaply outside Australia. Living somewhere cheaper makes pension funds last longer.

Some Australian seniors wouldn’t dream of spending their golden years in a third-world country, considering the medical facilities available back at home. However, for some who are between the age of 65-75, having an active, healthy lifestyle, Bali tops the charts for retiring overseas. They have worked hard all life, fulfilled family necessities and wish to retire in a peaceful location without worrying about expenses.

According to The Wall Street Journal, retirees can settle down on this tropical paradise for about $1,000 a month (not including housing). While Australians pay $30 per month on water, they may pay only $8 per month in Bali. Other necessities like petrol, electricity and groceries are also comparatively cheaper in Bali.

The idea of living a carefree life in a tropical paradise is slowly enticing Australian retirees who are daunted by the thought of post retirement expenses in Australia


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