Bali is an amazing all-year-round destination, so you should plan your holiday accordingly depending on your personal preferences. Be sure to consider all aspects before making itineraries, and I hope the below info will help you choose the best time to visit Bali to satisfy your own holiday aspirations!

Best Time to Visit Bali regarding Weather

Bali lies almost right on the equator in the tropical climate zone, which explains the consistent temperatures through the year of around 27 degrees Celsius. Thus, the major weather differences appear during the shift of the seasons: from rainy to dry.

Best Time to Visit Bali

Rainy Season in Bali

The rainy season starts in November and lasts through March, and features intermittent downpours predominately at night time, and some short heavy rains during the day. Additionally, the humidity level along with the daily temperatures are significantly higher than during the dry season, and can reach 35 degrees Celsius. If you cannot stand the heat, best to avoid travelling to Bali during the rainy season.

Best Time to Visit Bali Rainy Season

Dry Season in Bali

The dry season starts from April and lasts until mid-October, however, rains cannot be entirely disregarded during these months. The possibility to be caught by rain is very low, and mainly only after the sunset. The moderate humid conditions and the lower temperatures (both day and night) make this season a preferable time to travel to the island. So, in terms of weather, the dry season is definitely one of the best times to visit Bali!

Best Time to Visit Bali Dry Season

Best Time to Visit Bali regarding Peak and Off-Peak Seasons

Peak and off-peak tourist seasons in Bali correspond to the Australian, European, and American holidays. The busiest months are July and August, as well as December and January with Christmas and the New Year holidays. This may affect not only the crowds but also the prices that essentially increase for everything starting from the airline fares to accommodation and transport rates.

Bali Seminyak Beach Club Sunset

Best Time to Visit Bali regarding Surfing

Surfing in Bali is awesome all-year-round! There is only one simple rule to follow for any of you wave-chasers and you will always get the best of the fantastic Balinese surf spots: choose the West coast surf spots (such as Canggu, Seminyak and Kuta) during the dry season, and East coast spots (Nusa Dua, Serangan, Sanur) in the rainy months. The South Bukit’s spots (Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Balangan) are perfect for most of the year. If you want to learn how to surf, book a hotel or villa in Seminyak (or neighbouring Kuta) and you will have many of best surf schools in walking distances from your stay.

Best Time to Visit Bali regarding Surfing

Bali is a beautiful island, which can boast a plethora of scenic beaches and consistently beautiful weather conditions. However, if you are considering budgets (but at the same time still want to revel during the optimum times in Bali), we recommend for you to travel in May, June or October, when the weather is still perfect, the prices are reasonable, and the crowds are fewer.

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