Never heard of Natai Beach? What about Phang Nga? Well, this hidden secret is a 30-minute drive north from Phuket International Airport in Thailand. Instead of heading south to popular areas like Surin, Patong and Kata we’d like to encourage you to try the other direction – and discover the white sandy beaches of Phang Nga and the incredible beachfront villas for yourself.

We were invited to stay at Twin Villas, two 5-bedroom villas side by side that are a mirror image of each other. When you slide the internal living room door open and garden fence it creates a massive 10-bedroom villa sleeping 24 people with equal size rooms and two swimming pools with absolute beachfront and hardly any tourists (or anyone for that matter) in sight.

Checking-in at Twin Villas

Check-in was smooth sailing! AJ is the lovely villa manager who speaks fluent Thai. She greets you with a smile and was on hand to help as at any stage during our stay. We were shown through the villas and were really impressed with the style of the property. The design and tones used are simple and very comfortable.

Twin Villas Stay - Living Room | Natai, Thailand
Twin Villas Stay - Bedroom | Natai, Thailand
Twin Villas Living Room | Natai, Thailand

Bring an Entourage

Finding a villa that can sleep a large group can be hard but finding one that has the same high level of service smack bang on the beach with the attention to detail like Twin Villas is almost impossible. This 10-bedroom property is the perfect option for large groups.

Twin Villa 10-bedrooms | Natai, Thailand

Instagram Swing

Yes, they have one!

Twin Villas Swing | Natai, Thailand

Would I stay again? Hell yeah!

I believe the villa is half the reason guests return and the other half is the villa team. The staff are wonderful and switched on. To be honest I can’t fault the service.

Twin Villas Dinner | Natai, Thailand
Twin Villas Stay - Staff | Natai, Thailand

You can find out more about Twin Villas Natai here and contact us if you would like a free quote or have any questions about the villa and services. Our team are on hand to help find you the perfect villa for your upcoming trip.