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    Phoenix One Living And Dining Room | Hakuba, NaganoPhoenix One Exterior | Hakuba, Nagano


    Hakuba, Nagano – 4 Bedrooms

    Phoenix one is a luxurious chalet that makes for one of the most satisfying stays in Hakuba in Japan. Feel right at home in this winter haven.

    From US $1,522 US $1,369 /night
  • Soseki Family Area | Hirafu, NisekoSoseki Open Plan Seating | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Soseki is a cool modern chalet with state of the art design, Italian furniture and Mount Yotei views in the Lower Village.

    From US $1,131 /night
  • Kazahana Jacuzzi | Hirafu, NisekoKazahana Bedroom with Mt Yotei Views | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Kazahana is a cool modern chalet with real wow factor, offering views of Mount Yotei from an outdoor Jacuzzi in Hirafu.

    From US $1,310 /night
  • Miyabi Building Area | Hirafu, NisekoMiyabi Kids Bunk Beds | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Miyabi is a designer chalet with plenty of room to entertain, bunk beds for the kids and a hinoki bath for après-ski relaxation.

    From US $1,151 /night
  • Jun Living Area | Hirafu, NisekoJun Building Area | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Jun is a sleek, stylish and spacious luxury chalet offering a peaceful and secluded location in Lower Hirafu Village.

    From US $2,339 /night
  • Kokoro Building | Hirafu, NisekoKokoro Living Room | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Nisesko – 5 Bedrooms

    Kokoro is the ideal alpine chalet complete with a roaring fireplace and stunning Mt Yotei views, located 3 minutes from the ski shuttle.

    From US $1,373 /night
  • Moiwa Chalet Family Area | Moiwa, NisekoMoiwa Chalet Building Area in Snow | Hirafu, Niseko


    Moiwa, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Moiwa Chalet is a cosy ski lodge located just a snowball’s throw from the Moiwa ski lifts.

    From US $498 /night
  • Mukashi Mukashi Living Area | Hirafu, NIsekoMukashi Mukashi Building | Hirafu, NIseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Mukashi Mukashi is an indulgent designer chalet with state of the art facilities and a perfect location in the heart of Hirafu Village.

    From US $2,344 /night
  • Panorama Living Area with TV | Lower Hirafu Village, NisekoPanorama Outdoor View | Lower Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Panorama offers fabulous views overlooking Niseko and Mount Yotei, with three floors worth of modern luxury.

    From US $2,428 /night
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    Phoenix Cocoon Entrance | Hakuba, NaganoPhoenix Cocoon Entrance | Hakuba, Nagano


    Hakuba, Nagano – 3 Bedrooms

    For groups looking to find a warm, chic base for the ultimate winter getaway, the three bedroom Phoenix Cocoon is a must.

    From US $765 US $688 /night
  • Powderhouse Media Area | Hakuba, NaganoPowderhouse Living Room | Hakuba, Nagano


    Hakuba, Nagano – 6 Bedrooms

    Powderhouse is an epic ski chalet with plenty of room for your entourage and entertainment provided by a cinema room, hot tub and pool table.

    From US $1,716 /night
  • Setsu-in Living and Dining Area | Hanazono, NIsekoSetsu-in Dining Table | Hanazono, Niseko


    Hanazono, Niseko – 3 Bedrooms

    Setsu-in is a cool and modern chalet with tranquil Japanese courtyards, located in the peaceful hills in Hanazono.

    From US $657 /night
  • Asahi Lodge Building Area | Hirafu, NisekoAsahi Lodge Living Area with TV | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 5 Bedrooms

    Asahi Lodge is luxuriously designed and spacious chalet with a fireplace, media room and sauna set in a peaceful area close to the ski shuttle.

    From US $1,376 /night
  • Tsubaki Living Room | Lower Hirafu Village, NisekoTsubaki Outdoors | Lower Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Tsubaki is a stylish chalet with a fireplace, relaxing hinoki bath and kids’ bunk room with entertainment systems.

    From US $1,151 /night
  • Kasetsu Dining Area | Hirafu, NisekoKasetsu Outdoors | Lower Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Kasetsu is a luxury chalet spanning three floors and sleeping up to 17 guests. Perfect for big groups!

    From US $2,479 /night
  • Seizan Building | Hirafu, NisekoSeizan Bedroom | Middle Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Seizan is a pair of two lovely chalets featuring modern architecture and spacious lounging areas for that perfect holiday!

    From US $761 /night
  • Zekkei Building with Mt Yotei View | Hirafu, NisekoZekkei Living Room | Lower Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Zekkei is an impressive three-storey chalet with a media room, marble fireplace and hinoki baths, perfect for big groups.

    From US $1,755 /night
  • Annabel Building Area | Hirafu, NisekoAnnabel Living Room with Fire Place | Hirafu, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 6 Bedrooms

    Annabel is a luxurious chalet with a media room, pool table, kids’ playroom, sauna and Japanese bath, surrounded by nature but close to the action.

    From US $1,579 /night
  • Byakko Living Room | Hirafu Izumikyo 1, NisekoByakko Lounge Area | Hirafu Izumikyo 1, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 4 Bedrooms

    Byakko is a classic Alpine style chalet located in a peaceful area just moments from the lifts and restaurants in Hirafu.

    From US $835 /night
  • Akatsuki Living Room | Middle Hirafu Village, NisekoAkatsuki Mountain Views | Middle Hirafu Village, Niseko


    Hirafu, Niseko – 5 Bedrooms

    Akatsuki is a stylish Alpine chalet with European appeal, featuring Mount Yotei views, Japanese bath and a great location in the heart of Hirafu Village.

    From US $1,002 /night