What to Pack for Thailand

An avid traveler, perhaps, does not need advice on how to pack the luggage. But those, who are traveling to Thailand for the first time, might need some tips. Here is the crib of what to pack for Thailand.

Warm Clothes are a Must

Despite the fact that summer in Thailand is all year round, you may need some warm clothes. Firstly, for the plane ride or during the bus trip with air conditioning where the temperature is usually low. Moreover, depending on the season, the weather may vary from hot and wet to cool so you might need something warm.

What to Pack to ThailandWhat to Pack for Thailand

Pack a Raincoat

Thus, the second essential wardrobe item to pack for Thailand is rain jacket especially if you are traveling from May to October in the rainy season. However, the weather in Thailand is unpredictable so that rain can start anytime.

What to Pack for Thailand Raincoat

Dry Back

Not only you, but also your expensive stuff may need protection from the rain. Electronic devices and leather accessories won’t be damaged inside the waterproof bag. If you are planning to make some extremal water activity or fast boat trips, the dry bag becomes indispensable.

What to Pack for Thailand

Flip Flops or other Slip-on Shoes

There is an unwritten rule in Thailand, to take off shoes before entering to any room. This rule is not obligatory for tourists, however, Thai people will respect you more if you will be following it. Furthermore, there is no better beach footwear than flip flops.

What to Pack for Thailand

Comfortable Hiking Shoes

Another pair of shoes, which is necessary for those who are planning to do sports or hiking are hiking shoes. Otherwise, sandals or flip flops are enough for the beach holiday.

What to Pack for Thailand Shoes

Swimsuits, Beachwear, and Sarong

These items should be already inside your luggage. Nevertheless, a pair of jeans or trousers may also come in handy. Conservative areas and some temples can require following the dress code. Sarong performs a variety of functions. It can be used as the beach blanket or additional towel. If necessary, sarong easily converts into the scarf, beach cover up or the long skirt to enter the temple.

What to Pack for Thailand


The sun in Thailand is very strong. If you do not want to get burnt on the first day of the holiday and then hide in the hotel room, better to take care in advance of the sun protection. Moreover, the choice and specifics of sunscreen production in Thailand differs. The commercial trademarks are widespread, but if you get used to the particular one, then there is a risk of not finding it.

What to Pack for Thailand

Mosquito Spray

And, finally, bug spray. I especially did not mention it before because this product is better to buy in Thailand. The variety of mosquito’s species in Thailand is wide. That is why the Thai bug spray product formula may vary from the one, bought abroad. There is one common rule to choose the best spray: the higher Deet rate, the better protection it gives. But be careful, as these sprays are highly toxic and potent.

What to Pack for Thailand

This list is unified and includes the necessary but not vital things. Almost any of the above item can be bought in Thailand. Although, if you need some specific medicine or product better to take it with you, and to exclude the stressful searching process.

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