August is a busy month within many hot holiday destinations! Europeans and Americans have their long-anticipated summer holidays are all trying to escape from the country of their origin to the popular tourist places. Of course, Bali is one of them. While planning your August holiday in Bali, consider these tips and hints for travelling to the ‘Island of Gods’.

Pros of Travelling to Bali in August

1. Amazing Weather

One of the most significant advantages of travelling to Bali in August is the almost-perfect weather. August is the driest month with the probability of tropical downpours tending to almost zero, and the ideal day and night temperatures all year (around 27 degrees Celsius).

2. Plenty of Beach Entertainment, Competitions and Fun

August is definitely a big party month in Bali. The renowned Ku De Ta‘s ‘White Party’, which is held annually at the mid-August is a must-do event! Also, every year on 17th of August Balinese celebrate their Independence Day with various beach competitions and cultural entertainment.

August Holiday in Bali Beach Entertainments Competition

3. A Solid Swell for Surfers

Of course, the topic of surfing cannot be omitted when talking about Bali. August is the month of the biggest and most consistent waves on the west coast of the island.

August Holiday in Bali Solid Swell

Hint and Tips for Bali in August

1. Peak-Season Adjustments

For different reasons, the majority of holiday-makers choose August for travelling to Bali. The busiest month on the island means the energy-levels are high, however, do take into account time spent getting from A to B may be longer. Book restaurants early, head off with plenty of time to tourist places of interest, and line-up any other extracurricular activities with your villa manager ahead of time. Or just stay in your villa and enjoy!

Cocktails by the pool at Luna2 Private Hotel

2. Barter Down Increased Prices

August is considered the highest season in Bali as well as Christmas holidays, so get prepared to either barter more for accommodation, tickets and transfers, or take the plunge and raise your budget where needed during this period.

shopping in Sanur, Bali

3. Book Accommodation Early

The best villas and hotels will likely get fully-booked in August. Use Ministry of Villas search function to find your best fit in terms of location, budget and amenities and then make a booking several months in advance if possible. If you would like to spend an unforgettable trip in August in a stunning villa, then preparation is key to the most enjoyable holiday!

Villa Naty Sun Deck | Umalas, Bali

Bali is a fascinating holiday destination, and there is something for everyone. Since the majority of European and American holiday-makers choose August for their annual leave of absence, it is an exciting time to be on the island, so book early and get prepared for the trip of a lifetime!

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