A striking grandeur of thought and emotion, inspiring awe, elevated, lofty and high, venerated. All descriptive attributes for conveying the idea of a mythical and sublime Paradise Lost. Fortunately for you, paradise is found, and in this realm, it exists in Nathon, Koh Samui. “Nay!”, say you. Please, allow us to convince you otherwise with a single sunset at a dreamland called Villa Zest.

Throughout time, it is the wanderlust who have sought out ancient relics and the passages to Shambala. However, thanks to Ministry of Villas’ team of expeditionary nomads, for your ease, we have sought out and plotted the world’s paramount retreats. The good news, this one is much closer to sea-level and tropical beaches than up in the Himalayas. Instead of packing for an expedition, all you need is your passport, favourite board shorts/bikinis, and up to 10 of your closest friends and family.

Carefully designed and harmoniously situated in the lush tropical hills of Nathon, high above the usual travellers, Villa Zest imparts the spice of life. Welcome to Lime Samui Estate. Comprised of Villa Zest, Villa Splash, and Villa Spice Lime Samui 3, the estate offers three cutting-edge villas designed by the award-winning architects of GFAB.

Traveling to the estate is a rather simple process once you have arrived at Thailand’s second-largest island of Koh Samui. Though most seem to arrive through the beautifully manicured and quaint privately-owned and operated Samui International Airport (USM), others may venture from the mainland by ferry to Nathon Pier. From the airport, located in close proximity to the illustrious Chaweng Beach, it is approximately a 45-minute drive west, past the Big Buddha and Fisherman’s Village along the north coast, until you leave the seemingly hectic crowds behind.

Koh Samui Nathon Villa Zest Breakfast

Once you arrive at the west coast, you begin to settle in the calmness and tranquillity as you gaze upon the clear turquoise sea. Indulge in some local culture and unlimited choices of beachside cuisine, while your brain adjusts to the optical illusion of levitating boats and stand-up paddle boards that float above translucent waters. Dip your toes in the bath-like tides, or refresh your soul by plunging into the healing ocean.

From the beach, it’s only a few minutes magical drive up the tropical hillside, past the Zong Raue Waterfall entrance, above and beyond all the others, until you nearly crest the steep and appear at your private retreat. Though hidden as you disembark from your transport, serenity awaits just beyond the entrance divide. Prepare yourself.

It is difficult to describe the emotional pangs experienced as the front door swings open onto the garden ponds. If your timing is right, the evening sun will be caught slowly falling between the overhead awning and the glass-smooth reflecting pool. Sublime.

Koh Samui Nathon Villa Zest Sunset

Find your way down the stairs to yet another reflecting pool and the sprawling infinity pool that effortlessly blends into the ocean horizon. Be welcomed by the warm and gracious staff while refreshing with a tropical ‘welcome drink’ and indulge with libations in the sunken lounge. For your journey is complete, whilst your relaxation has just begun.

With five massive bedrooms, all with oversized ensuites – complete with bathtubs – huge common areas, a gym, a jungle-gym/kids’ play area with a zip-line, and a study with terrace, little is left for want. Exclusivity and luxury lifestyle is what Villa Zest is all about. Spoil your sense in the sounds of the jungle. You will not be hearing cars, clubs, or other distracting noise pollution. It is truly divine.

Koh Samui Nathon Villa Zest Bedroom

Let the kids run free amongst the complex with peace of mind as you and your closets few are entertained by one of nature’s miracles… sunsets in Thailand. Unimaginable warm colours will saturate the sky and fill the clouds, long after the sun’s upper-limb disappears under the horizon.

Feel the cool evening breeze and be amazed, yet again, as countless stars begin to twinkle and the perfectly balanced angular architecture comes alive from subtle lighting. That sensation of being a the top of the world is because, in this moment, you are.

After all, life isn’t about the number of breaths one takes but instead is defined by the moments in which your breath is taken away. So, bring your copy of Lost Horizon and find yourself soaking up all of the sun’s glory while reclined in one of the infinity pool’s sun loungers.

Koh Samui Nathon Villa Zest Sun Beds

We invite you to come and explore this sublime villa through our immersive virtual tour, taken both at sunset and at night, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

By Sean M. Holt