Brand Guidelines

Download high-resolution versions of the Ministry of Villas logo and other brand assets. Please do not use these images in a way that would confuse someone into thinking that a villa is owned or endorsed by Ministry of Villas. Do not alter, stretch, condense, overlay, stylise, or otherwise skew these images in any way.

#000000 | R: 0 G: 0 B: 0 | 75/68/67/90
#29B3B3 | R: 41 G: 179 B: 179 | 73/5/34/0
#EFEFEF | R: 239 G: 239 B: 239 | 0/0/0/6


Alastair has been at the forefront of the tech industry since the late 90’s and developed Ministry of Villas’ platform, as well as introduced cutting-edge technology to villa owners and property managers.

Sara has 20+ years of hotel management and hospitality experience and runs the company, leading the villa industry’s most experienced team with first-hand knowledge of thousands of villas around the world.


“Stay just one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again”


Our mysterious brand ambassador represents our guest: elegant and savvy, she is searching for the perfect villa and does not wish to compromise.