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    Tirtanila Sea View | Candidasa, BaliTirtanila Dinning Room | Candidasa, Bali


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Candidasa, Bali – 4 Bedrooms

    Tirta Nila is a sophisticated beach house offering the luxuries of a five-star resort in a stunning oceanfront setting.

    From US $796 US $597 /night
  • Villa Stella Gardens | Candidasa, BaliVilla Stella Master Bedroom | Candidasa, Bali


    Rated 4.80 out of 5

    Candidasa, Bali – 3 Bedrooms

    An absolutely breathtaking experience at one of Bali’s finest beachfront villas; holiday euphoria awaits at Villa Stella in picturesque Candidasa.

    From US $600 /night
  • Villa Oceana Exterior | Candidasa, BaliVilla Oceana Lawns | Candidasa, Bali


    Rated 4.60 out of 5

    Candidasa, Bali – 4 Bedrooms

    Villa Oceana is a light and bright beachfront villa with a private pool, chef and great snorkelling right in front of the villa.

    From US $390 /night
  • Villa Jukung Outdoor Dining | Candidasa, BaliVilla Jukung Swimming Pool | Candidasa, Bali


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Candidasa, Bali – 4 Bedrooms

    Villa Jukung is a beautiful beachfront villa surrounded by the real Bali, with a pool, gourmet chef and access to great snorkelling.

    From US $550 /night
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    Villa Asada Outdoor Dining | Candidasa, BaliVilla Asada Pool Side | Candidasa, Bali


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Candidasa, Bali – 4 Bedrooms

    Villa Asada offers ocean views from its 18m pool and lush gardens – a perfect setting for weddings and relaxing getaways.

    From US $590 US $413 /night
  • Villa Blanca Ocean View | Candidasa, BaliVilla Blanca Sea View | Candidasa, Bali


    Candidasa, Bali – 5 Bedrooms

    Villa Blanca is a gorgeous white villa offering stunning ocean views and soothing privacy in Candidasa, surrounded by the real Bali.

    From US $350 /night
  • Villa Bakung Outdoor Area | Candidasa, BaliVilla Bakung Bathroom | Candidasa, Bali


    Candidasa, Bali – 4 Bedrooms

    Villa Bakung is a stylish beachfront villa with a 17-metre pool facing a pristine private beach, surrounded by the real Bali away from the crowds

    From US $693 /night
  • Cempaka Villa Living Room | Candidasa, BaliCempaka Villa Bedroom | Candidasa, Bali


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Candidasa, Bali – 4 Bedrooms

    Cempaka Villa is a gorgeous beachfront villa in Bali with a 17 metre long infinity pool and a private beach and amazing sunsets.

    From US $750 /night
  • Villa Lucia Pool Side I Candidasa, BaliVilla Lucia Bathroom I Candidasa, Bali


    Rated 4.20 out of 5

    Candidasa, Bali – 4 Bedrooms

    Villa Lucia is a white villa with a 20m pool overlooking the ocean, offering amazing value for groups looking to experience Bali far from the crowds.

    From US $480 /night
  • Villa Angsoka Swimming Pool | Candidasa, BaliVilla Angsoka Bathroom | Candidasa, Bali


    Candidasa, Bali – 6 Bedrooms

    Villa Angsoka is grand villa set on a private beach, offering amazing ocean views and five-star luxury in tranquil East Bali.

    From US $1,559 /night
  • Villa Gumamela Sun Decks | Candidasa, BaliVilla Gumamela Open Plan Living Area | Candidasa, Bali


    Candidasa, Bali – 3 Bedrooms

    Villa Gumamela is a sophisticated retreat offering views of the Indian Ocean from its 30-metre pool on Bali’s relaxed east coast.

    From US $600 /night
  • Villa Gils Pool Side | Candidasa, BaliVilla Gils Lawns | Candidasa, Bali


    Candidasa, Bali – 4 Bedrooms

    Villa Gills is a private 4 bedroom villa located in the serene Mendira village. Enjoy snorkeling with plenty of fish at Mendira Beach.

    From US $300 /night
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    Villa Perle Swimming Pool | Candidasa, BaliVilla Perle Gardens and Pool | Candidasa, Bali


    Candidasa, Bali – 3 Bedrooms

    Villa Perle is a beautiful villa set in peaceful Candidasa, offering a 16-metre pool and yoga space, surrounded by the real Bali.

    From US $400 US $320 /night
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    Villa Sasoon Pool Side | Candidasa, BaliVilla Sasoon Swimming Pool | Candidasa, Bali


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Candidasa, Bali – 2 Bedrooms

    Villa Sasoon is a boutique estate of 4 villas, each with a private pool and beautiful Balinese design within a 5-minute walk of the beach.

    From US $235 US $164 /night
  • Villa Pantai Swimming Pool | Candidasa, BaliVilla Pantai Sun Beds | Candidasa, Bali


    Candidasa, Bali – 2 Bedrooms

    Find your perfect escape at the private Villa Pantai, an absolute beachfront property with magnificent views of the ocean and the green mountains.

    From US $185 /night