Travel Writers

Have you written about a place you’ve visited lately and would like to publish it? Perhaps you are a travel blogger and would like to be a guest blogger.

Contributor Benefits

We are always on the look out for talented writers that want to contribute to Ministry of Villas and join our amazing team around the world.

Our goal is to offer customers a one-stop shop where you can book your holiday and read all about the destination with great tips and real opinions from people have been there themselves.

With a huge social media following, your unique content will be viewed by millions of people.

Villa Omah Padi Dining Area | Ubud, Bali

Tips to writing a great blog

Write a colourful introduction that grabs the readers’ attention. Give them some background about a topic – make them want to read on.

Be descriptive – don’t simply tell readers that the ‘view is breathtaking’ tell them why – use evocative and specific words to explain what makes it so. Focussing on detail, rather than the big picture, often helps.

Any content previously published on the Internet will be picked up by our tools and will not be approved. You may re-write stories or news articles that you find on the Internet, but this content must be significantly different from the previously published content and quotes from other people must never be included in the content. Images can be added if you have taken them personally and happy to share them online.

Be Social

Write for us and we will share your stories with our audience. We have a huge following with over 700,000 plus followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter plus over 15 millions views on Google Plus. If you would like to get in touch simply contact us and tell us about yourself and why you want to work with us.