So you have just arrived in Bali and as you start doing a little shopping around town, you suddenly realise that it’s sale time! Well what a perfect time to arrive in Bali you think to yourself. But hang on a second are they genuine or fake sales?


Well after being here in Bali for the last 3 years I can tell you that there are a few shops around that have displayed the same sale sign for the last 3 years! There are certainly some genuine sales around town but it’s hard to know which is the real thing.


So how much do you pay for things in Bali?

Seminyak is certainly getting more expensive these days. Many of the boutiques offer clothing for the same prices as they are back in Australia. The prices are fixed and no bargaining is allowed in many of the stores. There are some great designers and boutiques popping up all the time with some unique designs.


Legian is slightly cheaper however you will find more of the street stalls here. The general prices in USD are $2.50 for sunnies, $4 for t’shirts, $4 for boardies, caps $3 and the famous Bintang gear can start from $2. Many vendors will increase the prices and a general rule is to pay a quarter of the starting price.


The Balinese have certainly caught on that tourists love a sale. However I’m disappointed when I walk in and there is a small rack with a few clothes discounted that have been sitting there for months.


Generally the surf brands are always holding a sale along with the Ralph Lauren store located in Seminyak and Kuta. The Collezione M stores that you find everywhere are always on sale. In here you will find all the good fakes! All the brands like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Prada and more.


Beachwalk Mall in Kuta tends to always be on sale. I believe some are genuine and some are just trying to attract people into the stores.


Overall I would recommend using your own judgement and if the price is right and there is enough room in the suitcase then hand over the credit card.


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