Amed’s dining scene features countless great restaurants, cafes and local eateries. From laid-back warungs to breathtaking clifftop restaurants, there’s something to suit all budgets and appease all palates. Discover the best restaurants in Amed and get ready for a mouthwatering dining experience in East Bali.

1. Warung Enak

Warung Enak is considered one of the best dining venues in Amed and rightly so – the name of the restaurant translates as “delicious.” Catering to both local and Western tastes, this tiny local eatery serves tasty, fresh, authentic and bargain-priced Bali dishes, snacks and breakfasts. The must-try here are authentic Bali curries and chicken satay. The latter is served with sautéed vegetables and a side of healthy brown rice.

Warung Enak Amed Bali

2. Gusto Resto

Providing scenic ocean views and a wide range of cuisines, Gusto Resto is another popular restaurant in Amed. Serving Indonesian, Mediterranean, Italian and even Hungarian dishes paired together with a friendly atmosphere, this venue will definitely become one of your favourites in Amed. Try their delicious bruschetta, falafel and eggplant cream for a small bite. If you’re really hungry, go for the Hungarian fare, which is rich in both taste and calories and offers a truly unique dining experience.

Gusto Resto Amed Bali

3. The Grill Bar and Restaurant

Run by an Australian entrepreneur, The Grill Bar and Restaurant specialises in barbecue steaks, ribs and chops, which are cooked to your liking. The high-quality imported meat cooked to perfection will satisfy any carnivore and pescatarians are well catered to as well. The sesame-crusted grilled tuna steak is a great alternative for those who prefer fish to meat. And if that’s not enough to tempt your tastebuds, some say that the burgers at The Grill Bar and Restaurant are the best in Bali.

The Grill Bar and Restaurant Amed Bali

4. Warung Celagi

Amed is full of affordable local eateries, and Warung Celagi is one of the best. Located right on the beach, the venue offers superb service and splendid vistas. When it comes to dining, this tiny restaurant offers delicious Balinese dishes and fresh seafood, which is usually displayed at the stand in front of the restaurant. You can opt for any fish or seafood, and it will be cooked to your liking and served with hearty side dishes such as fresh salad and steamed rice.

Warring Celagi Amed Bali

5. Sails Restaurant

Treat your taste buds to delicious Mediterranean cuisine, custom cocktails and savoury tapas. Pricier than most Amed restaurants, Sails Restaurant offers a distinctly more sophisticated and chic dining experience, featuring picturesque ocean views, trendy decor and a laid-back atmosphere. A visit to Sails Restaurant is a feast for the eyes and it’s guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds as well.

Sails Restaurant Amed Bali

6. Warung Pantai

As suggested by the name (‘pantai’ being the Indonesian word for beach), Warung Pantai is set right on the shoreline. The restaurant’s unbeatable location along with the sumptuous bargain-priced food have made the venue one of Amed’s most popular eateries, loved by locals and tourists alike. Serving delightful seafood barbecues, exotic salads and authentic local fare, Warung Pantai is a definitely must-visit restaurant, especially if you’re looking to try some authentic Balinese cuisine.

Warung Pantai Amed Bali

7. Komang John’s Cafe

One of the oldest and most reputable of Amed’s dining institutions, Komang John’s Cafe features elegant decor with some contemporary touches, offering a casual and friendly dining experience. The most popular dishes here are grilled seafood and Indonesian dishes such as Nasi Goreng Seafood and Beef Rendang. A kids’ menu is also available, making Komang John’s Cafe the perfect choice for an unforgettable family dinner in Amed

Komang John's Cafe Amed Bali

8. Aquaterrace

Aquaterrace is a beautiful clifftop restaurant offering tempting perks ranging from a free transport service to stunning views, all finished off with impeccable service. Offering mouth-watering Indonesian dishes, eclectic Japanese fare and Pan-Asian cuisine, the restaurant is a favourite place for travellers to relax and relish the deliciously fresh sushi, tempura, carpaccio and Vietnamese chicken salad. The breathtaking vista over the Indian Ocean make for a sophisticated and relaxed dining experience.

Aquaterrace Amed Bali

Though Amed sill maintains the sleepy charm of a Balinese fishing village, the area is also teeming with delicious and scenic dining options. So explore the beaches, gaze at the majestic mountains and enjoy some culinary perfection in East Bali.