Gorgeous dining venues are popping up everywhere in Patong, offering an incredibly wide range of cuisines covering every continent and catering to all tastes and budgets. The variety of restaurants in Patong amazes: from traditional Thai eateries to casual Italian restos and all the way to sophisticated French fine-dining and exotic Arabian, you can also find something to suit a vegan diet. Check out our picks for the best restaurants in Patong.

1. Le Versace

One of the most long-running fine-dining venues in Patong, Le Versace is an award-winning restaurant serving French haute cuisine at an outstanding hilltop setting. Offering magnificent views and an exquisite interior, Le Versace is a place to have an unforgettable dining experience or to mark a special occasion in style.

Le Versace Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

2. Sea Hag

Sea Hag is another pioneer on the Patong dining scene. The restaurant features modest prices and serves predominantly Thai food, which authentic as you can get and tastes simply divine. Set just a few steps from the beach, Sae Hag is an excellent place to satisfy your hunger for authentic local dishes.

Sea Hag Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

3. Sam’s Steak and Grill

If you’re looking to indulge in juicy, scrumptious steaks cooked to perfection, head over to Sam’s Steak and Grill located at the southern end of Patong Beach. Serving quality food that simply melts in your mouth, the venue features a classy decor in an excellent location.

Sam's Steaks and Grill Patong Phuket Thailand

4. Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant

Enjoy stunning views overlooking Patong and sample authentic Thai food at Pan Yaah Restaurant located on the northern end of the village. The elaborate menu offers a wide range of local dishes at a superb value, so if you are travelling on a tighter budget, Pan Yaah is a must-visit!

Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

5. Halfway Inn

For casual dining that will not blow your budget, head to Halfway Inn, an unpretentious local eatery offering great Thai food and a few Western favourites in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The venue also features a pool table and provides an attractive cocktail menu, making the venue a great nighttime hangout.

Halfway Inn Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

6. No. 6 Restaurant

There are two No. 6 restaurants in Patong, so make sure you have choose the right one. Perched on top of a hill, the “Real No. 6” provides breathtaking views and hearty Thai cuisine. Especially popular with locals and Thai expatriates, the restaurant features remarkably low prices.

No 6 Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

7. Euro Thai Restaurant

Euro Thai Restaurant is a tiny eatery located a few steps away from the beach road in the centre of Patong. Serving a wide selection of Thai and Western dishes, this midrange eatery specialises in curries – don’t miss out on their yummy red curry!

Euro Thai Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

8. Kaab Gluay Restaurant

Kaab Gluay Restaurant stands out with its quality food and impeccable reputation. Being one of the most long-established restaurants in Patong, the venue is frequented by both locals and tourists wanting to sample authentic, flavourful and hearty Thai dishes or share one of their generous seafood platters.

Kaab Gluay Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

9. Sizzle at Avista Hideaway

Celebrate gorgeous Western cuisine at the Sizzle rooftop restaurant, a five-star fine-dining venue serving eclectic international cuisine with a unique Hawaiian touch. You could sample some lobster soup, enjoy a bit of seafood ravioli or go all out with the juicy tenderloin. Relish the venue’s  intimate atmosphere, and soak in the stunning views overlooking the ocean. Without a doubt, sizzle is one of the most romantic and luxurious restaurants in Patong.

Sizzle Avista Hideaway Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

10. Joe’s Downstairs

Joe’s Downstairs is one of the most prominent restaurants on Patong’s vibrant dining scene, offering a classy setting and unbeatable location on the granite boulders overlooking the magnificent Andaman Sea. Serving an eclectic mix of Asian and Western cuisine along with some mouth-watering seafood, this classy fine-dining venue will appease all palates with its selection of the quality food and impeccable service.

Joe's Downstairs Restaurant Patong Phuket Thailand

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