When it comes to shopping in Koh Samui, Nathon is normally not the first destination that comes to mind. If you know where to look, though, this administrative and trade centre can surprise you. Featuring numerous unique boutiques, shopping in Nathon is an appealing and laidback affair, and offers some great deals, which you won’t find elsewhere. Here are our picks for the best shopping in Nathon.

1. Samui Mart

Samui Mart is a large department store located on the main Nathon Road. Featuring an extensive selection of clothing for both adults and children, as well as a tiny grocery shop selling imported goods and an attractive shoe store, Samui Mart is a perfect one-stop shop for the whole family.

Samui Mart Shopping Nathon Koh Samui Thailand

2. My Jewel International

My Jewel International stands out by offering great quality and inexpensive prices for original silver and gold jewellery pieces. The boutique also sells wooden ornaments and jewellery with semi-precious stones at a superb value.

My Jewel International Shopping Nathon Koh Samui Thailand

3. Samui Hot Club

Samui Hot Club is a reputable long-established store selling high-quality beachwear, sarongs, bags, T-shirts and accessories in a modern air-conditioned boutique. Featuring trendy colours and amazing design, Samui Hot Club’s clothing makes for a great gift back home.

Samui Hotclub Lamai Shopping Koh Samui Thailand

4. Samui Shoes

One of the best shoe stores in Nathon, Samui Shoes is famous for its high-quality shoes and accessories made from real leather. Featuring beautiful design and stylish ornaments, the store also offers a made to order service. Bring in a pair of shoes you want to copy, or provide the team with a design and within a couple of days, you can pick up a new pair of quality shoes made just for you.

Samui Shoes Shopping Nathon Koh Samui Thailand

5. Nathon Books

Catering to travellers about embarking the fast boat, Nathon Books is conveniently located at the beginning of Nathon Pier. The store sells a huge selection of books in English, French, Spanish and Russian – the perfect distraction during a monotonous sea voyage.

Nathon Books Shop Koh Samui Thailand

Though far from a retail mecca, shopping in Nathon offers all the basic necessities and more than a few opportunities for picking up unique souvenirs. Happy shopping!