Introducing Gili Trawangan – The Party Island

Gili Trawangan or simply Gili T is the largest of a cluster of three Gili islands attracting people of all ages to relish in the natural beauty and participate in the vibrant nightlife. The island boasts of the powdery white beaches, turquoise waters and party-like atmosphere.


Gili Trawangan was discovered and settled just over fifty years ago by Bugis fishermen arrived from Sulawesi. After then, Gili T became a favourite destination among backpackers from all over the world who were seduced by the incredibly beautiful beaches, lack of people and development.

Today, Gili Trawangan is known for its wild party scene, the absence of police and an ample range of eating, sleeping and partying establishments. There is no motor transportation on the island, instead, you will find here streets filled with tourists riding the rented bicycles, horse carts with whole families inside, and mobs of travellers walking along the beach.

The northern coast of Gili Trawangan features with the quieter ambience and attracts visitors who are searching for the more languid tropical retreat. The high-end resorts and luxury villas set along the tranquil shoreline appeal to more mature travellers who value the comfort and prefer staying away from the noise.


  • Fantastic pristine beaches

  • Amazing restaurants and bars

  • Vibrant nightlife and beach parties

  • Fascinating water activities

  • Stunning beachfront villas


Situated off the west coast of Lombok, Gili Trawangan is a great place to go wild and to indulge in all natural attractions of this divine isle.



Although it is possible to get to Gili Trawangan, Lombok over land or water, the best way is to fly:


Numerous fast boast services depart from Bali to Gilis with none or one stop in Senggigi, Lombok. Boats depart from the major Bali seaports – Benoa, Padang Bai and Serangan – and it takes around two hours to get to Gili Trawangan. However, during the big swell (July-August) and monsoon (January-February) seasons delays and even cancellations can occur. The ticket price can vary as it depends on the company and season, and usually include the land transfer from/to your hotel in Bali.


It takes around 35 minutes by a speed boat to get to Gili Trawangan from Lombok. The fast boats depart from either Senggigi or Teluk Nara seaports and range from IDR85,000 per person for the one-way trip to more than IDR500,000 for the whole chartered boat.


The public boat cruising between three islands departs at 9 am from Gili Trawangan and stops in Gili Meno (at 9.15 am approximate), and Gili Air at 9.30 am on the way to Lombok mainland. Another boat leaving in the afternoon has a reverse route.


Due to the fact that Gili islands do not have motorised transport, there are only a few options to get around the tiny island:


Gili Trawangan features with the small sizes, and you can easily circumnavigate it around the perimeter in around two hours on foot. The footpath runs along the beach and links the main attractions and tourist infrastructure. Walking around the island on foot is a great way to explore the island and find your own idyllic beach.


Gili Trawangan houses numerous rental shops where you can hire a bike to cruise around the island. Riding the bicycle is a fast and convenient way to see more about Gili T, however, there are a few places with deeper sand so better to avoiding riding along paths running close to the shoreline. Also, check your bike on malfunctions as some of them are rather old and used.


Horse carts or ‘cidomo’ are available on the island if you are travelling with heavy bags and staying away from the departure area. Usually, the price for the short trip ranges from IDR50,000 to IDR80,000.



There are over 10 Ministry Approved villas on Gili Trawangan island. As Gili Trawangan is a very popular tourist destination, villa prices tend to be higher than in other Gili islands. Gili Trawangan villas range from USD $120 per night for one-bedroom villa resorts to over USD $600 per night for a nine-bedroom luxury villa.

Most of our villas have dedicated staff including butlers, chefs, nannies, 24-hour security personnel and many other services you won’t find in a hotel. This is why we say “Spend just one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again.”


Trawangan boasts of the endless dining options serving various cuisines to suit all budgets. Almost each hotel resort has a restaurant inviting non-staying tourists to join their guests for dinner and savour inventive modern cuisine. These are upmarket venues providing a fine-dining experience at the matching price.

The midrange restaurants set along the coastline offer the authentic Indonesian cuisine and the fresh grilled seafood. Must-try there is grilled red or white snapper, prepared on the coconut shells. The stunning view of the ocean is an excellent addition to the quality food, friendly staff and ice cold beers.

The night market, which takes place nearby the concrete jetty is where the majority of locals and some tourists can savour the authentic Indonesian food represented by the traditional fried rice or noodles and chicken satays. A few stalls sell a daily fish that can be cooked right in front of you for the additional cost.


Gili Trawangan is a party island with vibrant bars remaining open till the early hours of the morning. Each bar plays a different type of music from dance hits to cool reggae attracting travellers to participate in the island’s nightlife.

Various Gili Trawangan bars conduct regular party nights in turn to ensure that all partygoers are gathered in one place rather than being spread around the island. Gili T is miniature, so you will easily find where the party is going to be on the given night.

The renowned Full Moon Parties held on Trawangan’s beach gather crowds of visitors on the beach providing the incredible fire shows and the awesome mix of techno and trance music. These parties usually last till the sun comes up.


Gili Trawangan houses a tiny Art Market, set next to the pier, selling various cheap T-shirts, Bintang-souvenirs and other typical knick-knacks. However, the selection is far more limited than in the same Bali or Lombok street stalls.

The eastern coast of the island is a home to several stores where you can purchase essentials, sunscreen, bug repellent, sarongs and even bikinis, although, get prepared to pay the double price.

If you want to indulge in some serious shopping, opt one of the nearby islands – Lombok or Bali – where you can expect to find the vast range of fancy clothes, natural silk wears, shoes, accessories and many other attributes of the tropical holiday.


Gili Trawangan, like any of three Gilis, is splendid for soaking the sun and swimming in the turquoise waters, relishing in every second of the divine beach retreat. You will be spoilt for choice of the active leisure options available on the island. Those wanting to stay active are blessed with abundant water sports include surfing, diving, snorkelling, stand-up paddle and kayaking.

A few diving centres operating on the island offer various dive trips suitable for different levels of experience. Whether you are a complete novice or experienced diver, be prepared to be blown away by the remarkable variety of aquatic life that exists in these waters. Marine life such as the bump head parrotfish, hawksbill turtles, black-tipped reef sharks and green turtles can be viewed here in all their natural glory.

Besides the water sports, Gili Trawangan also provides an ample range of outdoor activities. Yoga classes, relaxed strolls along the beach and horseback riding are great alternatives to water activities.