Stretching along the northern coast of the paradise island that is Koh Samui, Maenam attracts holiday-makers wanting to stay close to the island’s abundant tourist facilities, but still be removed from the hustle-and-bustle of the most popular tourist retreats. Boasting numerous dining options, there are countless of restaurants in Maenam offering a wide range of cuisines. Here are our ten picks for the best restaurants in Maenam.

1. Mathis Cafe

Featuring a colourful futuristic decor inspired by the contemporary art, Mathis Cafe has fast evolved into one of the most south-after restaurants in Maenam. Serving an ample range of local dishes with a unique French twist, the venue also offers a good selection of Western fare, catering to all tastes and offering something to everyone.

Matis Cafe Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

2. Feel Travel Samui Thai Restaurant

Feel Travel Samui Thai Restaurant is a simple and affordable local eatery designed in Japanese style. Specialising in genuine Thai food, the venue serves fantastic curries, cashew chicken, pad thai, tempura, spring rolls and other local favourites.

Feel Travel Samui Thai Restaurant Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

3. The Boudoir

For a sophisticated dinner, opt for The Boudoir, a French owned and run fine-dining venue tucked in a small alley off the main ring road. Featuring an intimate decor with loads of cushions, sofas, cosy nooks and muted lights, the restaurant invites visitors to indulge in eclectic French cuisine complemented by a glass of fine wine.

The Boudoir Restaurant Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

4. Farmer Restaurant

Farmer Restaurant is a remarkable venue in all aspects. Tucked amidst emerald green rice paddies, aromatic herbs and ponds, the restaurant provides a choice of outdoor and indoor seating featuring a modern setting and picturesque vistas of the mountainous central Samui. Serving classic Thai food as well as Western fusion, this classy dining venue ensures you will have a remarkable dining experience in Koh Samui.

The Farmer Restaurant Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

5. Kobori Japanese Restaurant

Located in the centre of Maenam Walking Street, Kobori Japanese Restaurant is often mentioned as the best Japanese restaurant in Samui. Named after celebrity Chef Koji O Kobori, this modern and stylish venue stands out with the quality of food and the modest prices as compared to other similar restaurants.

Kobori Japanese Restaurant Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

6. Angela’s Diner

Angela’s Diner is a tidy roadside cafe featuring rustic American style and offering a wide selection of amazing snacks, pies, pastries and baked products. Make a pitstop at this lovely cafe and treat your taste buds to amazing international dishes. The venue also serves fantastic breakfasts, so once you get bored of your hotel’s buffet, head to Angela’s to sample freshly made juice, homemade bread and eggs cooked the way you like.

Angela's Diner Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

7. About Cafe

About Cafe is a quaint establishment with a vintage decor and cool vibes. Open for breakfast and lunch only, this lovely open-sided restaurant serves an incredible range of fantastic coffee, homemade yoghurt, smoothie bowls and other healthy options, keeping you light and energetic on your holiday.

About Cafe Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

8. Spices Cafe

Modern and trendy, Spices Cafe sits located on the ring road, attracting travellers to savour the fusion cuisine at a superb value. Try their red prawn curry, which is super delicious, and leave some space for the sticky rice with mango– another restaurant speciality.

Spices Cafe Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

9. Pancake Man

Since 1999, Pancake Man has evolved from a humble roadside stall into one of the most popular venues among local and visiting dessert fans. Offering a wide selection of mouth-wateringly delicious pancakes with banana, chocolate, caramel, Nutella and other toppings, look no further than Pancake Man to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Pancake Man Maenam Koh Samui Thailand

10. Gaon Korean BBQ Restaurant

For an exotic dining experience, head to Gaon Korean BBQ Restaurant located next to Kobori Japanese restaurant. The venue features a simple modern design. As for the food, the restaurant serves genuine Korean cuisine and particular Asian dishes which are bound to satisfy even the choosiest of customers.

Gaon Korean Restaurant Maenam Koh Samui Thailand
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