When in comes to shopping, Kandy is one of the most appealing and interesting destinations for hunting down traditional and quintessentially Sri Lankan items. Shopping in Kandy means browsing through a myriad of art galleries, handicrafts stores, jewellery boutiques and of course, paying a visit to the highlight of the region: the outstanding tea shops selling locally-produced teas, including the renowned White Tea. Here are our picks for the best shopping in Kandy.

1. Kandy City Centre

Kandy City Centre is an ultra-modern shopping complex, bringing more than 60 different shops and companies under one roof. Conveniently located in the centre of the city, you can find a vast selection of stores selling clothes and sportswear, natural spa products and souvenirs, handicrafts, electronics, jewellery and more.

Kandy City Centre Sri Lanka

2. Jayamali Batiks Studio

If you’re fond of batik, head to Jayamali Batiks Studio, a tiny local shop located in the centre of the town, selling original batiks made following Sri Lankan traditions. You can purchase handmade wall hangings, unique tablecloths and beautiful scarfs, all of which make for a terrific gift for the folks back home.

Jayamali Batik Studio Kandy Sri Lanka

3. Selyn

Selyn is the only Fair Trade guaranteed Handloom company in Sri Lanka. This means that by purchasing items at Selyn, you’re also helping to empower local artisans, ensuring they get fair compensation for their work. Selyn offers a beautiful selection of women’s fashion, homeware, accessories and toys. Selyn helps promote and preserve the local tradition of weaving handlooms. The store’s colourful quality items are walking examples of Sri Lanka’s artisan heritage. 

Selyn Shopping in Kandy Sri Lanka

4. Luv SL by Odel

Luv SL by Odel is a one-stop souvenir boutique offering a wide selection of traditional souvenirs, T-shirts, wood carvings, Buddha images, ceramics and handicrafts. Odel Luv SL is arguably the best place for souvenir shopping in Kandy.

Luv SL by Odel Shopping in Kandy Sri Lanka

5. Main Market

Man Market occupies a large Colonial-style building in the heart of Kandy. A favourite shopping hub of the locals, the market provides a great experience for tourists wanting to buy local goods in an authentic setting. With goods ranging from spices, teas, fruit, vegetables to fish, there is also a great range of beautiful handicrafts, fabrics, leather items and souvenirs available to purchase.

Main Market Shopping Kandy Sri Lanka

6. Isini Gems and Jewellers

Isini Gems and Jewellers is a modern and spacious jewellery boutique, selling fantastic necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets with precious and semi-precious stones. The venue doubles as a gem museum. Before heading to the second floor for some shopping, you’ll be invited to watch a short movie and guided through the displays.

Isini Gems Shopping in Kandy Sri Lanka

7. Gamini Gems and Jewellers

Occupying a large and modern building in a vicinity of Kandy viewpoint, Gamini Gems and Jewellers is a long-established jewellery factory and shop selling beautiful jewellery pieces and gems. If you are looking for a beautiful and portable gift for someone special back home, Gamini Gems and Jewellers is a great place to look.

Gamini Mem and Jewellery Shopping Kandy Sri Lanka

Shopping in Kandy is fun and existing, with local markets and upscale boutiques happily coexisting side by side. As well as picking up unique souvenirs, you’ll be treated to fascinating glimpses at local Sri Lankan life – in other words, an absolute win-win situation. Happy shopping!

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