Being self-sufficient and picking up some of your creature comforts whilst on holiday in Japan is becoming increasingly popular. Most chalets come with fully-equipped designer kitchens that are just begging to be utilised. We have done our fair share of grocery shopping in Niseko and thus keep reading for our go to’s and what is on offer for stocking up at the supermarket in Niseko.

Lucky Supermarket

Every time we visit Niseko we drive out to Kutchan to stock up on groceries before hitting the slopes. Our favourite store is Lucky Supermarket, a 10-minute drive from Hirafu village – it’s huge, colourful and has a large variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned goods, dairy products, meat, seafood and imported items (including our favourite Bordeaux wine).

Schermata Kitchen | Niseko, Japan

Feeling Lucky?

Lucky has a great selection of alcohol. There is no import tax on alcohol so you will actually find many of the imported wines and spirits are cheaper than back home or from the Duty-Free shop at the airport.

If you are staying in a chalet or apartment in Niseko then most likely you will have cleaners come in twice a week, however, if you wish to stock up on your own brand of cleaning products, toiletries and personal hygiene essentials then this is the place to come.

Lucky also has a great section of clothing too – not the most fashionable attire, but if you don’t wish to fork out for branded bennies, socks, jumpers and boots, they have what you need.

Next door is a 100 YEN shop which is like a $1 / £1 shop in Australia, UK and US. Watch out, as you will end up buying more than you expect. It’s our ultimate souvenir and novelty shop and we always seem to stock up before heading home.

Lucky have English-speaking staff between 12pm – 9pm to help you find what you’re looking for. This makes Lucky arguably the best supermarket for foreign tourists. Some properties provide a shuttle to Lucky Supermarket during your stay, making it even easier to stock up!

Lucky Supermarket | Niseko, Japan

Hirafu 188

Right in the heart of town is a small supermarket hidden in the Hirafu 188 building. They have a great selection of alcohol, frozen foods, beauty essentials and some over the counter medicines. Where they lack variety is fresh food, however, they have plenty of carb-filled treats and a very convenient location.

Hirafu 188 Supermarket | Niseko, Japan
Hirafu 188 Supermarket | Niseko, Japan

Green Farm Café

Not so much a supermarket but not just a café either – Green Farm have ready-made meals that are yummy and affordable. You can even sit down and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee or a home-made lasagne. They also have deli hams, cheeses and other platter worthy items.

Green Farm Cafe | Niseko, Japan


You can buy essential breakfast items such as milk, coffee, sugar, some fruit plus great ready-made (and cheap) snacks and treats at Lawsons. Oh, and they have an entire aisle dedicated to chocolate and sweets! Japan has amazing chocolate – we think they give the Swiss a run for their money. You can also pick up tinned goods and enough to get you through the first few days in Niseko if you are not keen on doing a big shop. The team behind the counter can heat up the meals for you if you are on the run. Lastly, there is an ATM here making it a very convenient convenience store.


Seicomart is an institution in Niseko. It’s actually the busiest convenience store in all of Japan! They have a similar selection as Lawsons really but they have different wine and an extensive array of hot fast food. Limited fresh produce, but they have lots of canned goods and ready-made meals. Oh, and they have a money exchange machine inside – adding even more convenience to the convenience store definition.

Seicomart Ready Cooked Meals | Niseko, Japan

7 Eleven

Like all 7 Eleven convenience stores around the world, it has all the naughty stuff you need to give you fuel to ski all day. Perfect for carb filled snacks, milk and of course the essentials. They also have an ATM.

7 Eleven | Niseko, Japan


Another big supermarket in Kutchan is MaxValu – this supermarket also has a large 100 yen store next door ‘Daiso’ and a pharmacy, meaning that you can do all three, if required, without having to travel anywhere else. Strangely, the store also houses a barber and there is a DIY homewares store ‘Homac’ a short walk down the road. 


Another big supermarket in Kutchan is Co-Op – they have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, baked goods, canned goods… the list goes on. We just prefer Lucky!


If you are staying in Niseko Village (not to be confused with Hirafu Village or Niseko Town), the Hilton hotel has a small convenience store where you can buy a few snacks. Beyond this, there are no places to stock up on groceries in Niseko Village.

If you want to visit these supermarkets en route to Niseko, then most private transfers will offer the option to stop on the way. There is a charge for supermarket stops and you need to confirm this with our concierge team or the transfer company prior to arrival. Otherwise, you can take a taxi or accommodation shuttle from your accommodation.

Next stop, bottle shops in Niseko….

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