After inspecting and staying in literally hundreds of villas across Asia, we’d say we’ve become pretty apt at pinpointing and describing the unique charm and flavour of each property. But sometimes a villa comes along that has that je ne sais quoi; a certain something we can’t quite put into words but simply feel as soon as we step in. Here, we’ll (mostly) let the photos do the talking as we introduce you to The Island Houses – the dreamiest boho chic hideaway in all of Seminyak.

Garden House Swimming Pool | Bali, Seminyak

16 Bedrooms in Seminyak

Located in the heart of Bali’s most cosmopolitan neighbourhood yet hidden away from the crowds, The Island Houses represents that cool kind of boutique stay which requires you to be in the know. There’s no sign in front of the complex to announce your arrival – you have to be one of the lucky few clued into the location of this hidden gem.

Bali Seminyak Garden Gate
Bali Seminyak Garden House Door

Nestled along a private driveway framed by tropical flowers, The Island Houses is home to six villas, each with its own unique style and each one worthy of its very own photoshoot. Pandan House is the only one-bedroom villa at the estate, while Africa House, Desu House, Garden House, Round House and White House have three bedrooms each.

Bali Seminyak Garden House Pool

If you do the math, there are 16 bedrooms in total and yes, you can book all six villas together where available – perfect for large groups of up to 32 guests looking for a stylish stay in Seminyak. Two pairs of villas share connecting garden gates, making combinations easy. We’ll let you in on another secret: the price point of these beautiful villas is very reasonable.

Bali Seminyak Garden House Living Room Decor

Just as the names suggest, each villa has been carefully styled and meticulously designed with a particular theme in mind. Africa House features exotic zebra skin rugs and thatched roof pavilions; Desu House gives nods to opulent India; White House is modelled after a luminous plantation house… you get the idea.

Staying in the Garden House

Our team stayed in the Garden House, the epitome of bohemian hippie chic. This three-bedroom villa was ideal for our group of five, with bedrooms divided between the main house and two garden pavilions, allowing everyone a sense of privacy.

Garden House Bedroom View | Bali, Seminyak
Bali Seminyak Garden House Dual Sinks

The interiors were an Instagrammer’s dream, with something aesthetically appealing and interesting to look at around every corner: a tiny statue of Ganesha presiding over the living room; a pair of Turkish sandals neatly arranged on the bookshelf and an exotic zebra rug thrown across the checkered floor.

Bali Seminyak Garden House Living
Bali Seminyak Garden House Pillows
Bali Seminyak Garden House Details

True to its name, Garden House is framed by lush green gardens with a well-sized lagoon pool flanked by a romantic thatched roof bale gazebo. The setting was nothing short of blissful.

Bali Seminyak Garden House Gazebo

Eat, Chill, Pool & Repeat

Though much of the property’s charm comes from the impeccable styling, it’s the team of staff who give the place its heart and soul. The staff is there to welcome you on arrival, explaining the ins and outs of the villa, ranging from the Wi-Fi password to the “room service” delivery menu provided by Café Bali. When not needed in the villa, the staff stays in the common areas outside, allowing you and your group to enjoy the villa in private.

Bali Seminyak Garden House Outdoor Dining

Surrounded by the best restaurants in Bali (Seminyak’s famous Eat Street is but a stroll away), it might be tempting to dine out every single night while staying at The Island Houses. But on those occasions when you can’t be bothered to head out, the staff is on hand to help you feed the troops. Each villa has a delivery menu for Café Bali – we tried out this service and really enjoyed the Pad Thai and Indian chicken curry which were delivered to our villa in around 20 minutes from ordering. The villa staff can also prepare simple Indonesian dishes as well as whip up a breakfast; you only need to pay for the groceries plus a small cooking fee.

Bali Seminyak Garden House Breakfast

It’s in the Details

Staying at The Island Houses was nothing short of island bliss. Obviously, the design charmed us right on arrival but beyond that, every detail was designed to make us feel right at home. The Wi-Fi was incredibly fast throughout the villa, allowing us to catch up on work as well as stream movies with ease. The beautiful bathrooms were stocked with Sensatia Botanicals toiletries, Bali’s premiere brand for natural cosmetics. Even the ventilation was on point, with a gentle breeze blowing through the rooms throughout the day. Our breakfast of eggs, multigrain toast and tropical fruit was served by the pool, with bohemian wicker lanterns swaying gently in the morning breeze. “This is the life” is a phrase that came to mind – the island life, that is.

Bali Seminyak Garden House Garden Gate

If a picture speaks a thousand words, what is that same count for a 360-degree virtual tour I wonder? Find out by taking our immersive tour of Garden House. If you have any questions or are keen to book your stay, you can reach out to our team by filling out the form below.