Alcohol is super-cheap in Japan on account of there being no import duty or sin tax. We therefore, recommend you stock up from a bottle shop in the supermarket or convenience store when you arrive in Niseko and skip duty-free airport shopping (because it makes no difference).

Mick’s Place

Mick’s Place is Niseko’s legendary bottle shop. Mick has lived in Niseko, well, forever and they sell the largest range of premium wines and whiskey in Niseko. From imported European to locally-produced Hokkaido wines and spirits, Mick’s Place has it all!

Video credit: Mick’s Place

M Pocket

Kutchan’s own little foreign food store. M Pocket has a large selection of local and international wines, whiskeys, brandies, Japanese sake, shochu and beer!

M Pocket Wine | Niseko, Japan

Image credit: M Pocket

Lucky Supermarket

Our favourite supermarket, Lucky has a great selection of alcohol too. They also have some great souvenir bottles of saki which I packed in my luggage and had no problem taking home.

Lucky Supermarket Wines | Niseko, Japan


Lawsons have a limited selection of wines and spirits, however, they are rather tasty – perfect when you need a bottle in a hurry and you’re not too fussy.


Likewise, Seicomart also has a limited selection of wines and spirits, but still nowhere near the range of wines that Lucky Supermarket or Mick’s Place. But they have plenty of beer to take back and enjoy in the comfort of your chalet.

Seicomart | Niseko, Japan

Hirafu 188

Finally, the small supermarket hidden in the Hirafu 188 building has a great range of everything from R2D cans to the best champagne in the world.

Hirafu 188 Supermarket Sake | Niseko, Japan

For those interested in visiting Niseko, feel free to reach out and speak to our team and we will be happy to help you find accommodation. Our team can also arrange all of the extras for the trip such as transfers, lift passes, equipment hire so make the process so much easier for you.

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