Ministry of Villas works with technology partners to provide customers with the best user experience imaginable; and suppliers, affiliates, travel agents and other partners with cutting edge solutions that assist the industry to relentlessly propel forwards with more efficient and ecologically-friendly standards.

Welcome Technology Partners

We launched Ministry of Villas in 2013 after encountering multiple disappointments searching for villas while on holiday ourselves. We learned the hard way how challenging it can be to find the right property.

Ministry of Villas has since grown to become one of the leading villa specialists in Asia. We are also a leading travel tech platform: providing cutting edge standards and technologies to partners in the travel industry.


Work With Us

We are always looking for new technology partners to further improve our customers’ experience and partners’ benefits. If you feel there is an opportunity for our companies to work together please contact us to schedule a time to discuss the opportunity in more detail.


Channel Managers

Ministry of Villas connects with the world’s leading channel management software providers to display real-time rates and availability. Channel management software allows villa owners and property managers to distribute and synchronise inventory across multiple sales channels (e.g. Airbnb, Agoda, Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor) from one account.

When researching which channel manager is most suitable for your business, you must first check that they employ an XML connection as opposed to an iCal connection. An iCal connection is a one-way connection (meaning it does not accept bookings from channels and automatically update the others); it only updates calendar availability; it does not update rates; and it only updates sales channels every few hours. For these reasons Ministry of Villas does not accept iCal connections.

An XML connection is a two-way connection (meaning it does accept bookings from channels and automatically update the others); it updates both calendar availability and rates; and it updates Ministry of Villas and other sales channels every 1.5 < 3 seconds. This is the industry standard and a requirement for connecting to Ministry of Villas’ platform.

After confirming the channel manager employs an XML connection, you must then consider quality of their performance and the impact this will have on your sales channels. If it does not meet minimum technical performance benchmarks on the major OTA’s your listings will fall like a lead balloon. Look for ‘Preferred Global Supplier’ for on the software provider’s website – this is the best indicator that the software provider is achieving the required minimum technical performance benchmarks.

Next, evaluate the value of the sales channels that the software provider connects with, besides the big OTA’s and Airbnb. American-made channel managers (e.g. RateGain, Rentals United) tend to connect with the largest range of American sales channels; European-made channel managers (e.g. TravelClick, Beds24) tend to connect with the largest European sales channels; Asia/Pacific channel managers (e.g. SiteMinder, Resonline, STAAH) tend to connect with the largest range of Asia/Pacific sales channels. Ask yourself the question: “where are my customers?”

The final step is to select a channel manager that works for your team! Interfaces and functionality vary considerably, so it’s worthwhile asking for a product demonstration before signing up to a lengthy contract.


Contact Us

Ministry of Villas is passionate about delivering exceptional service. We believe it’s the little things that make commercial relationships develop into strong partnerships.
We would be delighted to schedule a call to discuss the opportunity of working together in more detail. Please let us know your contact details and your preferred day and time and one of our team will get in contact with you.

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