Candidasa is a laidback coastal village situated on the eastern coast of Bali island. This destination offers an idyllic getaway for those longing for a peaceful and relaxed holiday away from the noise, traffic and crowds of south-western Bali. Thanks to an increasing stream of discerning travellers, Candidasa’s dining scene caters to all tastes and budgets. Check out our list of the top 10 restaurants in Candidasa and find the perfect match for your tastebuds.

1. Vincent’s

Vincent’s has already achieved cult status among the restaurants in Candidasa and often appears on the bucket-lists of first-time travellers thanks to terrific word-of-mouth.Vincent’s serves scrumptious Indonesian, exotic Asian and classic European cuisine. The management of the restaurant also pays particular attention to the music and overall setting, so once there, you can be sure to have an unforgettable dining experience in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

Vincent's Restaurant Candidasa Bali

2. Loaf Candidasa

One of the most popular bakery-cafes in Candidasa, Loaf is located right on the main street, and cannot be missed, especially if you have a sweet tooth! Loaf offers delightful desserts, cakes, fresh bread, healthy and gluten-free breakfasts and what many say is the best coffee in Candidasa. Loaf is an excellent pit-stop for satisfying a small hunger or simply for those moments when you wish to treat your tastebuds to something sweet and delicious.

Loaf Cafe Candidasa Bali

3. Crazy Kangaroo

If you feel like devouring some fresh, mouth-watering seafood, Crazy Kangaroo is your best choice. Located in the heart of Candidasa, the restaurant features a lovely garden, impeccable service and a friendly atmosphere. As an added bonus for those staying outside of the town centre, free pick-up and drop-off services are available for guests who have reserved a table in advance.

Crazy Kangaroo Restaurant Candidasa Bali

4. The Hungry Crocodile

Another animal personification, and another amazing dining venue, The Hungry Crocodile is famous for its savoury crepes, delicious tartare and mouth-watering steaks. It’s not only the eclectic cuisine that attracts crowds of hungry travellers to visit the venue, but an appealing swimming pool in the middle of the restaurant which is loved by kids in particular – not to mention their parents and other travellers worn out from the tropical heat.

The Hungry Crocodile Candidasa Bali

5. Joglo Restaurant and Bar

The elegant, classy and romantic setting of the Joglo Restaurant and Bar provides an unbeatable atmosphere for those wanting to indulge in a sophisticated and chic dining experience. The restaurant serves genuine Indonesian cuisine and the freshest seafood around complemented by a few choice international favourites, thus appeasing all palates.

Joggle Bar and Restaurant Candidasa Bali

6. Watergarden Cafe

Watergarden Cafe is specialises in delicious Italian, Asian and Indonesian cuisine. If you want to savour something authentically Balinese, opt for the babi guling. Babi guling is a traditional Balinese suckling pig stuffed with traditional spices and flavours. The babi guling served at Watergarden Cafe is said to be one of the best on the whole island.

Watergaden Cafe Candidasa Bali

7. La Rouge

Despite the name, La Rouge doesn’t serve French cuisine but elaborate Indian and Asian fare. The beautiful setting and sumptuous food offered in the venue attract crowds to savour something new while staying in Candidasa. You are sure to have a lovely evening at La Rouge,  thanks to the flavoursome cuisine and impeccable service.

La Rouge Restaurant Candidasa Bali

8. The Dinner Room Restaurant, Bar and Pizzeria

Nestled under a stunning thatched roof, The Dinner Room Restaurant serves authentic thin and crusty wood-oven fired pizzas and a quite ample range of delicious Indonesian dishes. The friendly and attentive staff always offers service with a smile, making each dinner a special, relaxed and very pleasant event.

The Dining Room Restaurant Candidasa Bali

9. Lezat Beach Restaurant

Lovely, relaxed and elegant, Lezat Beachfront Restaurant provides dramatic ocean vistas and some of the best seafood barbecues in the area. Drenched in ice, the catch of the day is on display in front of the establishment, allowing travellers to choose from a selection of fish, calamari or tiger prawns, which will be cooked to your liking right before your eyes.

Least Beach Restaurant Candidasa Bali

10. Le 48 Zen

Le 48 Zen offers an eclectic mix of Western and Pan-Asian cuisine in an elegant setting overlooking the ocean lagoon. Treat your taste buds to grilled mahi-mahi or tempura prawn, or go local and sample chicken satay served with traditional peanut sauce. Elaborate French dishes are also available. You will definitely find culinary zen through all the delicious options available at Le 48 Zen.

Le 48 Zen Restaurant Candidasa Bali

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