Karon boasts tiny local stores and generous shopping plazas. You can pick up anything from unique souvenirs and gifts, clothes and accessories to books and spa products to bring back home with you. Here is our list of the best shopping in Karon. Happy shopping!

1. Karon Bazaar

Karon Bazaar resembles Phuket Night Market in Phuket Town, though features smaller sizes and less authentic Thai products to shop. Still, it’s a great place for an evening stroll, as the market remains open until late catering to tourists wanting to wander around after dining out in Karon.

Night Market Old Town Phuket Thailand

2. Dshop

Dshop is a terrific spot for picking up unique gifts which you won’t find elsewhere. These include authentic Thai wines and fantastic handmade souvenirs and accessories. The store also houses a small department of gemstones and a shop with plus size apparel for women.

Dshop Karon Phuket Thailand

3. Centre Point Village

Centre Point Village is located on Karon Beach Road. This “village” is in fact a cluster of a dozen or so stores, including one convenience store, a couple of tailor shops, fashion boutiques and bath product stores, housed in a small covered shopping plaza.

Centre Point Village Karon Phuket Thailand

4. Karon Market

Karon Market comes alive twice a week – on Saturday and Sunday – and like most of the night markets in Asia, Karon Market opens for business in the afternoon. Karon Market is a large open-air shopping hub catering mainly to tourists. You can browse endless aisles full of tropical beach wear, designer bags (fake, naturally), comfy sandals, souvenirs, spa products and many other items to take back home.

Karon Market Phuket Thailand

5. Karon Bookshop and Souvenirs

What’s a holiday without a good beach read? Karon houses at least one great bookshop located in the heart of the city. Karon Bookshop and Souvenirs serves hundreds of books in English and a few other European languages. The shop also provides a wide range of handicrafts, Thai artefacts and traditional souvenirs.

Karon Bookshop Phuket Thailand

6. Karon Centre Plaza

Karon Centre Plaza is a small market-like shopping hub housing fashion and souvenir shops, accessories and shoe boutiques, and natural spa product outlets. There are two shops that really stand out. One of them is a painting gallery, where you can bring any of your photos and the gallery’s talented artists will make an oil painting canvas version of it. Another must-visit boutique is the high-quality leather store selling amazing leather jackets, bags, shoes and other made-to-order items you won’t find anywhere else.

Karon Cenre Plaza Phuket Thailand

7. Siam Herbal

Siam Herbal is a spacious and long-established store selling various herbs and Ayurvedic medicines. You will find endless shelves stocked with herbal decoctions, dried herbs and various organic and 100% natural spa products. If you’re looking to do some earth-friendly shopping in Karon, this is the place.

Siam Herbal Karon Phuket Thailand

8. Aroona Karon

Aarona Karon is a shopping street in Karon running parallel to the Beach Road. The well-maintained, shaded area designed in colonial style is lined with myriads of standalone boutiques of varying sizes. You can shop weightless summer dresses and tropical beachwear, colourful bags and silk scarves, souvenirs and other trinkets. A great place for doing some shopping in Karon before heading to the beach.

Night Weekend Market Phuket Thailand

And there you have it, our picks for the best shopping in Karon! Can you feel the travel bug taking hold yet?

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