During the recent years, Canggu has developed into a real “surfer’s village”, with its own local community, unique charm and unparalleled ambience. Great restaurants serving healthy and organic food, fantastic bars and lively nightlife, and, of course, a wide selection of stores, shops and boutiques make Canggu an self-sufficient hub within Bali. If you hesitate where to start your shopping excursion, here is a cheat sheet for the best shopping in Canggu.

1. Milk the Goat

Inspired by Californian lifestyle, Milk the Goat is a pin-up concept store, where fashion, travel, surf and comfort are combined to create awesome designs, fancy clothes and bohemian jewellery. Besides their own cool clothes label, the shop also serves fantastic collections of emerging local and foreign designers.

Milk the Goat Canggu Bali

2. Flow and Yonder

Another surf lifestyle store, Flow and Yonder is a vivid example of how good taste and inventiveness can benefit not only the inner circle of the surf community, but also a regular Bali visitor. Flow and Yonder offers a great selection of quality apparel, sportswear, accessories and even housewares, all in keeping with the laid-back lifestyle and aesthetics of Canggu.

Flow and Yonder Canggu Bali

3. ODD

“ODD” stands for Original Design and Delight, and this truly is a unique and quite an extravagant establishment. This multi-functional space integrates a fancy apparel store, a trendy cafe, a comfy workshop and a cool design studio all into one spacious venue, housed in a crisscrossed timber wall building.

ODD Shop Canggu Bali

4. Bermain Arts and Gift Shop

Bermain Arts and Gift Shop is a tiny art shop and studio that sells one-of-a-kind souvenirs, gifts and party supplies. The most precious and important item which you can find in this cosy shop is inspiration and, perhaps, unique gift ideas to bring back home with you.

Germain Arts and Gift Shop Canggu Bali

5. The Offering

The Offering is an original homewares hub, where you can find an eclectic mix of Indonesian and Indian inspired homeware items such as cushions, jewels, carpets, cards and much more to satisfy your shopping appetite.

The Offering Shop Canggu Bali

6. Blak Fashion Store

Blak Fashion Store caters to kids and teens, offering outstanding rock’n’roll inspired apparel, shoes, bags, jewellery and other accessories to appease even the fast-changing palates of teenagers. Lace and silk, neon-yellow and pastel beige, light and funky – this fashion label combines the incompatible to create utterly unique and attractive products.

Black Fashion Store Canggu Bali

7. House of Alaia

House of Alaia is a one-of-a-kind jewellery store that reflects the free spirit of its founders, as well as the unique ambiance of Bali: sacred, beautiful and inspiring. Each piece of jewellery was designed to serve two purposes: to adorn the one who wears it and to protect its owner from various metaphysical menaces.

House of Alaia Shop Canggu Bali

8. Redz Surfboards

Being a surfer’s paradise, Canggu houses plenty of surf shops, Redz Surfboards being one of the best. The locally-based surf shapers produce high-quality products at surprisingly reasonable prices. If you’re looking for a custom surfboard that won’t wreck your whole budget, Redz Surfboards could be your best option.

Experienced Surf Spot Uluwatu Bali

9. Boardriders Echo Beach

The expansive Boardriders shop is strategically located within a few steps from the world-famous Echo surf beach. The store offers Quicksilver collections, and houses a cafe and a surf shop under one roof for your convenience and comfort. Here you can find not only high-quality apparel, sportswear and surfing accessories, but also casual clothes for everyday life, along with the beach ware for those preferring a more passive beach retreat rather than extreme water sports.

Boardriders Echo Beach Shop Canggu Bali - Shopping in Legian

10. Kartel Board Store and Cafe

Kartel Board Store and Cafe sells Australian-shaped surfboards, outdoor equipment and sports wears from various labels. Set along the busy Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, the store also houses an amazing cafe specialised in meat pies, so once you start feeling hungry, you could also have a delicious snack right in the shop. What can I say? Canggu shopkeepers know how you combine business with pleasure.

Kartel Bali Shop Canggu Bali

And there you have it! Getting hipper by the day, the neighbourhood of Canggu offers a solid selection of cool  surf stores and bohemian boutiques. With all of this going on right on your doorstep, you might little reason to venture far from the ‘Gu at all.

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