Global hit reality TV series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” seems to look complex and very much a handful by having a large adult family… but any parent knows this pales in comparison to when you are handling your very own kids!

Parents, congratulations! You have successfully survived the first quarter of the school year (just another three to go). Fill up that wine glass as you deserve a drink to sip on while we give you a few ideas for “Keeping Up With The Kids” and have them entertained these March school holidays.

Some of you may have booked tickets for a getaway, so we’ve hand-picked the top five coolest things to do with your kids in various hotspot locations around Asia!

#1: Encounter baby turtles in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is fast establishing itself as an up-and-coming tourist mecca, with masses of new villas popping up across the country.

During your stay, drive down to Kosgoda, a tiny town that is located on the East coast between Bentota and Hikkaduwa. Once damaged by a tsunami in years gone by, Kosgoda has now rebuilt some of its amazing turtle hatcheries.

Here your kids will experience joy that they will remember for years to come: they will be taught the turtle-hatching process and given the opportunity to hold a turtle egg and then release the baby turtle into the ocean.

If you’re lucky, you might also come across the rare, old albino turtle that is known around the area.

Baby Turtles in Sri Lanka

#2: Snowshoeing in Niseko

Whether you are eight or you are eighty, snowshoeing though Niseko’s deep fluffy power is becoming a very much sought after off-hill activity for everyone. We know what you are thinking, but trust us, the sport has transcended beyond old movies and snowshoes today aren’t just those wooden tennis racquets you would tie to your feet! Manufacturers now use modern materials like aluminium frames and nylon decks, which makes traversing through the snow as simple and easy as possible.

Get the kids hyped and challenge them around the popular yet manageable Niseko snowshoeing route which is over the Half Moon Lake at the foot of Mount Yotei. Did we also mention it has breathtakingly beautiful views and you can even pop down to walk on the frozen lake? Try it!

Snowshoeing in Niseko

#3: Zorbing in Phuket

What could be more fun than being in a giant plastic ball and be set off careening down a hill at top speed, potentially rolling into your friends?

Not to worry, dear parents, the activity is super-safe and comes with full insurance. You can choose between two tracks – one of which is a fairly simple straight track, and the other has sharp curves which make the journey a little bouncier!

And if this does not whet your appetite, order a drink at the bar and sit under a pergola as you watch your kids compete down the hill.


#4: Zipping through the rainforest in Samui

Samui has always been known for its lovely beaches, but there’s more to experience than that when you get into the rainforest…

Your kids can fulfil their Batman and Wonder Woman dreams by flying over Samui’s tropical jungle on a super zip line adventure. Picture the adrenalin while zipping along from line to line (as the name suggests!), and passing through waterfalls while pretending to be a superhero as the perfect way to complement your stay in Samui.

Kid Ziplining

#5: Find Nemo in Bali

Get up-close-and-personal with sea life without even getting your hair wet. Seawalking has become a popular choice for non-swimmers – you put on a special helmet and you descend into the ‘dive site’ to start interacting with the exotic aquatic creatures and enjoy the stunning coral all around you.

What would be your kid’s favourite part (besides feeding the fish of course): perhaps its looking just like an astronaut in the underwater ‘space helmets’! They’ll be really excited to be sharing this pictures with their friends when school reopens.

Bali Seawalker

That should be enough to keep your kids busy during this school holidays! Rest and refresh before the next adventure (and school term) begins.

Seawalker image courtesy – Putu Bali Tour Guide