There are many reasons to love Ubud. Bali’s spiritual capital offers beautiful rice paddy vistas, om-inspiring yoga studios, a thriving restaurant scene and of course, countless art galleries and colourful local ceremonies.

One of the most beautiful spots in Ubud is the Campuhan Ridge Walk. This scenic and easy trek (no hiking shoes required!) takes you through quintessentially Balinese rice paddies and offers lush views of the surrounding tropics.

Make your way through the rice fields, pause for some photos and caffeinate at Karsa Kafe, which is conveniently located towards the end of the walk. Though the trek does require an early start, the gorgeous views are worth getting out of bed for.

How to Find Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk is located close to downtown Ubud, about one kilometre west from Ubud Palace. Nowadays, the way to the walk is marked with signs – you just need to know which signs to look for.

Driving west down Jalan Raya Ubud from Ubud Palace, you will see a sign for Ibah Villas & Suites on the right-hand side of the road. Take this turn, which is followed by another sign. One arrow points towards Ibah and another one says “Going to the hill.” Follow the latter sign and turn left.

Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk Signs 1

If you’re arriving on a motorbike, there is a parking lot after this junction, right behind the temple that’ll be on your left.

Heading down the road, you’ll arrive at a bridge. Here, the sign is small and easy to miss but it’s there – turn right and follow the path.

Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk Signs 2

The path will take you past a temple, followed by one more fork in the road. Here, a small sign will point you towards “Trekking Campuhan Ridge ‘Karsa Kafe’.” Follow the sign and turn right. Keep walking and voilà – you have arrived at Campuhan Ridge Walk.

Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk Signs 3

When to Visit Campuhan Ridge Walk

The hands down best time to visit Campuhan Ridge Walk is early morning – we’re talking 6-7 am. Why so early? Because if you head there any later in the day, the weather will get so hot that you won’t be able to enjoy the walk, let alone the views.

Another option is the head to Campuhan Ridge Walk right before sunset when the weather has started to cool down but it’s not dark yet.

If you visit Campuhan Ridge Walk in the early morning, you can also swing by Ubud Market and see the place before the tourists take over. Trust us – Ubud in the morning is magical and well worth the early wake up call.

Ubud Campuhan Ridge Walk Sunrise

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