Recently, I have been chatting with a few friends of mine about Ministry of Villas and it surprises me that they still find it shocking when I tell them that hiring a holiday villa through us allows them to be treated just like Royalty.

From a chef to a butler, celebrities are not the only people who get to enjoy these delights. Here are 5 luxury services you didn’t know you could afford.

#1: An ultra beautiful luxury villa

Did you know that you can afford the same villa that Rihanna stayed in? If you’re with a group of 10, you’ll only have to pay $195 per person to enjoy Villa Saengootsa, a sophisticated luxury haven, carefully crafted to suit its spectacular surroundings.

Villa Saengootsa Guest Bedroom | Phuket, Thailand

Or, why not relish having dinner with renowned designer Pascal Morabito while staying at his villa, the Morabito Art Villa? Gather 12 couples, and this will only set you back $75 per person and you’ll also be on the quest to discover some of his private treasures in each room.

Up Close With Pascal Morabito

One of our other secrets lies in Koh Samui: from just $95 per person, you get your private pool and your very own 8-bedroom retreat which has a panoramic vision over the popular Five Island Beach, known for its legendary and iconic Samui sunsets.

Inasia Beach - Villa
Inasia Beach - Villa

#2: Your very own Butler

What do you mean you don’t have a butler? Celebrities not the only ones that should be able to enjoy the services of a butler! In Bali most villas come with a full time butler (or sometimes a team of butlers) depending on the villa and number of guests.

So at Luna2 Private Hotel, the only absolute beachfront property in Seminyak, while you watch the sun kiss the Earth goodbye, butlers will be at your service bringing you sundown canapés and their signature Lunatini’s. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Cocktails by the pool at Luna2 Private Hotel
Cocktails by the pool at Ziva a Boutique

#3: Food prepared by your chef

Aren’t you tired of having to prepare meals for the family everyday, especially if they are picky eaters? How nice would it be to be laying by the pool reading a book while someone else does the job for you? And guess what – it does not cost an arm and leg!

Many of the villas now include a full-time chef who is able to prepare exquisite meals for you and your guests. And we can attest to this: we’ve had the best beef Rendang and mixed skewers at Casa Mateo recently. All you need to do is order the meals from a menu or simply speak to the chef about your family favourites that you’d like to have prepared. You simply have to pay for the groceries that have been purchased by the staff and you do not need to go anywhere near the kitchen!

Villa Satria Kitchen | Petitenget, Bali
In-villa dining at Ziva a Boutique

#4: A nanny for your kids

You’ve come all the way for a villa holiday, but you just want that quiet time with your partner for a lovely dinner and away from the children for some time. That can certainly be achieved!

Hiring a nanny in Bali for instance, can cost as low as $5 per hour and some of our Ministry Mom’s can attest to how good they are with the kids! At Villa Satria, your kids are in the best hands: the villa manager, nanny and chef will keep your kids entertained by teaching them how to bake cupcakes, playing board games or even challenge them to a game of Xbox.

Bali Babysitter

#5: A Chauffeur for the day

We’ve always had issues looking for ‘hidden gems’ in villa-heavy like Bali and Thailand. For one, the villas are always nestled in a quiet enclave and may be very tough to find if you are in a taxi.

We provide airport transfers so that there is no risk of you getting lost. However, if you’re looking to explore the city for a day with your family in tow, it makes economical sense to book a 7-seater car for 8 hours, averaging $6 per hour ($55 total). Your personal driver is on standby for the day so you’ll be able to check out far away places like Uluwatu, drive around Canggu, watch the sunset at Tanah Lot, have dinner at Merah Putih, maybe throw in a boogie before heading back home – all safe and sound.

Bali Chandravillas Chauffeur

You are Royalty

So if you’re able to round up a group of friends or family, you’ll have an entire private villa to yourself: private pool, butler, chef, nanny and the likes… check! And, not have to lift a finger while on holiday.

As we say: stay just one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again!

Image of babysitter – Now Bali

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