Bali’s exhilarating white water rapids against a picturesque backdrop of dense tropical rainforests, towering gorges and magnificent rice paddy terraces will get the heart pumping. If you feel you’ve had enough of the shopping, white water rafting on the tropical rivers will thrill your senses and boost your adrenaline. Get ready for an adventurous joy ride!

White Water Rafting in Bali

Bali has two major rivers with rapids, perfect for rafting. One of them is the Ayung River in Gianyar Regency while the other is the Telaga Waja River at the foothills of Mt. Agung in the Karangasem Regency. Rafting on these rivers in Bali will give you an opportunity to explore the veiled island beauty with dense tropical jungles, lush green rice paddies, and hidden waterfalls. Both the rivers offer a different scenic journey – Ayung is more suited for beginners and families while Telaga Waja is for adrenaline junkies who prefer the next level up.

The Ayung River offers an exhilarating 9km ride while the Telaga Waja is a bit more challenging with 13km of fantastic rapids. Although Ayung River is more famous for rafting in Bali, the Telaga Waja has sparkling white waters and a gorgeous backdrop as it flows through the expanse of tropical fields, unexplored valleys and secret waterfalls. The Telaga Waja has rapids of level 3 and 4, however beginners can safely race the rapids of the river when accompanied by instructors and guides.White Water Rafting

A Race with the Rapids

There are so many tour guides and operators in Bali who can plan a day trip for white water rafting. Opt for a complete rafting package that includes transfers from your villa or hotel, a safety demonstration, the thrilling joyride on the rapids, followed by a buffet lunch. An average rafting ride on either of the rivers will last for about 2-3 hours.Rafting Safety Demonstration

What to Pack

Wear light clothes, swimmers and shorts with water-proof sandals like Crocs and carry an extra pair for changing in. Yes you are going to get very, very wet! Carry some money and a small bag to put your valuables safely in the car. Everyone is provided with a helmet, life jacket, and a paddle. Make sure you listen carefully to the safety demonstration and follow all the instructions before you jump onto the inflatable raft.

As you begin riding the waters from the starting point, you’ll experience the thrills of crashing into rocks and floating under waterfalls with incredible scenery at each turn. The Telaga Waja has a four-foot drop at the end that will leave you pumping high levels of adrenaline. The Ayung River has more than 45 rapids with magnificent cliff-side stone carvings, jungle scenery and waterfalls. Your guide will show you certain picturesque spots where you can stop and take photo’s.

White water rafting in Bali isn’t expensive but it can add up for a family. But it’s well worth it. Anyone over the age of 7 years old can take part and join in the fun. Do make sure you are fit and able though. The walk up the stairs after all the fun is a long way up.

So leave aside your fears, grab the oars and get ready for the most fun you can have in a raft.

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