You’re on your dream holiday having a fabulous time and then out of nowhere you fall sick with stomach pains and that’s only the beginning! Doesn’t sound too good, right? Most of the Australians who travel to Bali tend to get sick due to the unhygienic conditions and contaminated water.

Bali Belly is caused due to the ingestion of bacteria in food and drinks. Possibly the food hasn’t been prepared properly, staff haven’t washed their hands and the list goes on.


It comes with symptoms like nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and acute pain in the stomach. It may also lead to a serious stomach upset or gastroenteritis. Eating street food is certainly not recommended.


Here are a few simple tips to ensure that you remain healthy on your Bali holiday without falling prey to the Bali Belly.

1. Drink bottled water – The taps in Bali do not dispense drinkable water; hence it is advisable that you drink bottled water. Most of the hotels and villas will provide bottled water but in case they don’t you can pick your supplies from local Circle K stores all over Bali.

2. Personal Hygiene – Change in diet and activities can get your body out of its daily routine and increase your chances of falling sick. Wash your hands at regular intervals especially before eating. Keeping a hand sanitizer with you is a good idea especially when you’re travelling with kids.

3. Take care while eating – We know how exciting it can be trying the different cuisine when you’re on a holiday. But, take it easy! They say to avoid eating raw and uncooked food. Well that can be hard sometimes, but use your instinct and best to stay clear of street food.

4. Wash fruit – The tropical fruits in Bali are worth a try and the fruit salads are amazing but do ensure that they are washed with clean water before eating.

5. Pack a medical kit – Prepare your travel medical kit after consulting with your doctor about your travel plans and purchase necessary prescriptions before leaving home.

How do I treat Bali Belly?

In case you experience the symptoms for Bali Belly and you have come unprepared, head to a chemist and stock up on charcoal tablets, which are what most chemists recommend. However if the symptoms are severe a doctor might be required and in most cases will give you an injection to ease the symptoms. In any case you will find the bloody Bali Belly will take you around 5 days to get over.

We wish you the best of your health and a fun-filled holiday in Bali! Take Care.


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