The overwhelming demands of life can sometimes affect your relationship and life can get out of balance leaving you little time to unwind with your partner.

If a hectic work life and stress levels have taken away the romance, then it’s time to getaway. Discover the depth of your most intimate relationship at a spiritual retreat in Bali.

Bali’s traditional healers and yogis are famous over the globe for their healing practices. The scenes from Eat, Pray and Love might get your curious about the healing retreats in Bali. But, how about seeking solitude and peace with your significant other and experiencing it all?

A spiritual retreat will allow you to escape from the distractions of daily life and discover the deep bond with your soul mate. You will find time to unwind and enjoy each other’s company amongst the tropical beaches, lush green rainforests and magnificent rice paddies.

Retreats for Couples

A spiritual retreat offers a couple yoga sessions, meditation techniques, organic meals and enlightening sessions on love and relationship building. Plus you will have plenty of free time with your partner to enjoy the beauty of Bali.

Imagine yourself practicing yoga postures with your partner at sunrise. Spiritual retreats in Bali are hidden in the most tranquil settings offering you complete silence and privacy to relax and unwind.

A typical day at a wellness retreat begins with a yoga session allowing you to concentrate and build harmony within yourself. The yoga asanas are proven ancient techniques to rejuvenate and uplift your soul; it’s also great for weight loss.

Meditation sessions will allow you to seek answers within, discover your spiritual side and feel the presence of each other increasing intimacy and building trust.

Meals consist of fresh juices and organic veggies giving your body a break and cleansing it from all the toxins. The detox program consists of foods that will heal your body of impurities thus boosting your energy levels and building immunity.

During the evenings, your healing practitioner will take you through a journey of compassion where you open up with your partner and realise the intimate aspects of your relationship. These sessions will enlighten you on the beauty of love and life and help you plan your journey to fulfil your dreams together.

Some of the popular retreats in Bali are located in Ubud with beautiful rainforest settings where you can feel the day progress from dawn to dusk and hear the beautiful sounds of chirping birds and flowing rivers. Ubud has been popular round the globe for its healing powers and creativity.

You don’t always have to stay a week in a retreat. The Bali Couples Retreat held at Taksu Spa in Ubud is a popular one day retreat for couples to re-discover the love in their relationship. Fivelements in Ubud offers villa packages, which consist of yoga, meditation and spiritual enlightenment. A couple’s retreat at Bagus Jati Resort in north Ubud is a beautiful place to rediscover intimacy with your partner.

The Purist Villas in Ubud are a wonderful retreat for couples in need of relaxation. The spa facility is best known for a range of treatments including traditional Balinese massage, Ayurvedic massage and more.

Whether you’re looking for a retreat with your companion or a just a day retreat, Bali will deliver. Bali invites couples to explore the deeper realms of love and intimacy in the calmness and tranquility of the island.

Transform your relationship from good to great and find your own retreat in Bali!