Flights to and from Bali were interrupted on 27th September after a column of ash erupted from ‘Child of Rinjani’ volcano on neighbouring Lombok island.

Given Indonesia has 127 active volcanoes it is not altogether unusual for an event like this to happen. However it can cause chaos for travellers to Bali!

Now, most villas do not provide refunds for altered travel plans as a result of natural events, so the best thing to do is look at buying travel insurance that covers your flights, accommodation and other expenses you may incur as a result of an interrupted itinerary.

Ministry of Villas is an internationally recognised booking engine and we work with the world’s insurance companies to facilitate any claims that arise. We’ll provide you with copies of itineraries, invoices, receipts and any other required documentation from your insurance company to process your claim so that you are not out of pocket.

It is important to research what is included in your travel insurance policy. We asked Bessie Hasan, Money and Travel Expert at for more details: “Most comprehensive policies will include cover for natural disasters, but be careful because basic policies might not.” Bessie advises: “Getting in contact with both your airline and your travel insurer as soon as possible is vital, and try to keep a record of this conversation as you may need it later. Your airline might arrange accommodation or reimbursement for out of pocket expenses if your flight is cancelled or delayed more than six hours.”

Once an event has happened it won’t be covered by travel insurance, so it’s prudent to purchase travel insurance at the same time as booking your accommodation with Ministry of Villas. Don’t expect to be covered by taking out a policy the day after an eruption! Once the ash cloud has passed it will be declared over and cancellation cover for Bali will be resumed by insurance underwriters.

You can find updates from some Australian travel insurance brands in relation to when you will and won’t have cover for travel disruptions caused by the Mount Rinjani ash cloud on

If Ministry of Villas can assist you in any way with changing your villa booking or helping with preparing documentation for an insurance claim, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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