The Bali Spirit festival is a global festival offering an incredible avenue for holistic development, wellness and celebration. Offering classes in yoga, dance and music. Where you can meet and learn off experienced teachers and meet like-minded friends.

The 7th annual Bali Spirit Festival 2014 has a spectacular line up of world-class yoga guru’s, musicians from around the world and international dancers all coming together for a week long journey in Bali. Being here and experiencing the festival will leave you with a life-changing experience, so they say.

What is the Bali Spirit Festival?

The 7th annual Bali Spirit Festival opens its gates on March 19 – 23, 2014 in the cultural hub of Ubud in Bali. Ubud attracts spiritually-inclined tourists like a magnet from all over the globe during this festival.

Recognised as one of Southeast Asia’s premier events, the Bali Spirit Festival this year is predicted to be a spiritually-charged event synergising global cultures through sacred art forms like yoga, meditation, healing, music and dance. The festival will feature a line-up of around 150 workshops conducted by global yoga maestros and international healing experts in the beautiful background of Ubud’s tropical rainforest’s. Some of the leading names joining this year are – Simon Park (USA), Janet Stone (USA), Michiko Minegishi (Japan), Nadine McNeil (Jamaica), Ronan Tang (China) and many more. You will also be entranced by the devotional chanting of hymns along with fellow spiritual attendees.

Bali Spirit Festival Yoga

While you devote time to wellness and healing during the day, the evenings during the Bali Spirit Festival will allow you to mix and mingle at some of the great restaurants and bars around Ubud as you shake your booty to world-famous music played by International artists. The festival features two nights of devotional music – Bhakti Series and the “One World One Stage” line-up committed to honour Mother Earth.

Bali Spirit Festival World Stage Event

If you’re looking to do a little shopping and healthy eating, a special Dharma Fair will treat you to a range of organic food for internal wellbeing. You’ll also find recycled goodies and handmade decorative artifacts, all created with an intention to do some good for this planet and community. The festival also showcases and enhance the rich culture of Bali with a display of traditional performing arts. For those coming with children, a range of fun activities await to spiritually uplift the younger souls.

The Bali Spirit Festival is something totally different, encouraging you to learn, celebrate and transform lives globally -promising to deliver a never before experience. The festival is a must visit for those looking to experience a personal shift and spiritual empowerment.

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