Best Phuket Beaches to Visit

Very few places can boast such splendid white sand beaches and crystal clear water right next to major tourist bars and nightlife. But Phuket can! Among the best Phuket beaches are the mainstays of Patong, then Karon and Kata in the south, with Kamala, and the lovely Surin in the north. Each of them is unique and worth a visit.

Patong Beach

Patong is the most famous beach of all Phuket. The variety of beach sports – parasailing, jet skiing and waterskiing – and not to mention the saturation of pumping nightlife attracts youth from the whole world. This place literally never sleeps. The abundance of entertainment makes the beach popular, busy and not really ideal for swimming. However, this is the place for partying and enjoying the wide range of day and night activities.

Thailand Phuket Patong Beach

Karon Beach

The picturesque road leading to the south from Patong brings travellers past the idyllic Karon, one of the longest beaches in Phuket. This is the second most popular destination to Patong, and offers up some superb offbeat diving and snorkeling spots along with your traditional beach activities.

Best Phuket Beaches to Visit Karon

Kata Beach

Kata beach follows down the coastline onwards from Karon. It has much in common with its neighbour – the same turquoise water, white sandy shore and beautiful palm trees, but there are also its own distinctions. During the rainy season – from May to October – waves attract surfers to its beach break, while during the rest of the year the ocean is calm and warm. Moreover, here is rumoured to be the best sunsets in all of Phuket due to its such open wide stretch of the beach horizon extending from Karon.

Best Phuket Beaches to Visit Kata

Kamala Beach

Kampala beach is in the north, a few kilometres from Patong just before Surin, and has an enduring charm (however not as aesthetically splendid as Surin in direct comparison). Families and expats, along with retirees, prefer this beach due to its relaxing and tranquil atmosphere and nice mountain drive to get to. Here, atop the hill on the private peninsula, the majestic Villa Saengoosta is waiting for high-flying guests as one of the most popular villas among celebrities.

Thailand Phuket Kamala Beach

Surin Beach

Breathtaking Surin beach, also known as “Millionaire’s Row”, is famous for its abundance of the luxury villas, hotels, and private houses. Clear water, an intimate setting, and relative privacy make this beach popular among both locals and tourists. Nevertheless, it is not as crowded as Patong. Surin is picture-perfect for families and those seeking seclusion but still want accessibility over the mountain to Patong central.

Thailand Phuket Surin Beach 1

This list of the best Phuket beaches just touches on the options available, but without a doubt, this island’s enticing beaches will satisfy even the most demanding tourist.

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