Let’s be honest – What was your partner thinking when he decided to book a Valentine’s Day escapade somewhere cold. Skiing (or snowboarding) is ultra fun, but winter is here in full force and it’s probably the most awful time on the skin for ladies who are trying to enjoy a day out on the hills. Our skin feels dry all the time, no matter how many bottles of moisturising lotion doused. And that cold, piercing air…! It smudges and creates a mess of the make-up we’ve painstakingly put on.

Look Stunning This Winter

For those coming to stay with Ministry of Villas during winter at our breathtaking and luxuriously affordable properties in Niseko such as The Glasshouse or Greystone, here are our top recommendations on keeping that healthy glow despite the cold. Let’s aim to look (a little!) like this:

Look stunning this winter!

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

As the air is very dry during winter, always hydrate by drinking a lot of water. This is one of our best-kept secrets – keeping hydrated will also reduce the issue of the dry, scaly skin.

Change your cleansing routine
If your face starts feeling parched when the weather moves towards winter, change your cleansing routine accordingly. Use milky or creamy cleansers, as they are gentler on your skin.

A new way to Moisturise
A layer of moisturiser before that heavy layer of foundation could smudge when you are out of the snow. Try this – mix equal parts of moisturiser and foundation before applying to ensure an even spread across your skin.

Sunscreen is a must
Even if it’s cold, the UV rays are still out. If you are up the ski hills in Niseko, do remember that you’re adding more UV due to the sun-reflecting properties of snow. Apply a layer of sunscreen no matter what reason or season.

Winter style

Go wind go
It is always the wind that can chill you to the bone. Create an extra barrier on your skin by using an extra moisturizing emollient, then throw on a beanie and scarf to cover your neck and nose.

In the red
Spending time skiing or snowboarding in the sun could have left your skin red and inflamed. You can get around this by using some concealer, otherwise, slap on heaps of aloe vera.

Tear proof your make up
Try using waterproof mascara, and only apply eyeliner and mascara to the top of your lashes to reduce the risk of makeup migration. That wind on top of the hill can make the eyes water!

Luscious lips
Lipbalm that contains sunscreen is a perfect option; otherwise moisturizing lipstick does the job too. Avoid matte or longwearing lipstick as they can dry out your lips and leave it to crack.

Blush is a must
Blush is the trick this winter, making you move from flaky to fresh. Creamy blush in brown, pink or coral will leave you looking radiant while terra cotta toned blush colours will add that extra spunk. Pair that with a tan bronzer with shimmer, and bring that flirty, party side out.

That’s how you keep up with the ski bunnies out there! Have fun, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Title image courtesy of Niseko Management Service

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