Laidback, relaxed and quiet, the shopping scene of Candidasa matches the overall ambience of the area. You won’t see any aggressive hawkers imposing their products while wandering along the shaded streets of the village. Instead, you can expect to find a plethora of great shops selling beautiful, handmade items, traditional sarongs and books. Discover the best shopping in Candidasa and enjoy a bit of retail therapy in this beautiful sleepy village in East Bali.

1. Nadi’s Bookstore

Tiny and inviting, Nadi’s Bookstore houses a truly remarkable collection of rare maps, modern travel guides and an impressive collection of books in various languages. Art connoisseurs will be amazed by the beautiful Chinese porcelain urns, colourful plates and handmade Buddha statues available at the shop.

Nadi's Bookstore Candidasa Bali

2. Family Shop

Family Shop is a small street selling beautiful art pieces, handicrafts, souvenirs and colourful sarongs at fixed prices. A favourite place to shop amongst locals, this tiny store has fast gained the reputation of a trustworthy and decent place to buy authentic souvenirs to bring back home.

Family Shop Candidasa Bali

3. Segara Wandi Artshop and Gallery

Segara Wandi Artshop and Gallery offers authentic Balinese handicrafts and art. Mosaic plates and fantastic antique pieces as well as modern housewares are also available at bargain prices. You can also find genuine Balinese masks and other cultural artefacts, so remember to leave some space in your luggage.

Sugar Wandi Artshop and Gallery Candidasa Bali

4. Inspiration

Located nearby Astawa Restaurant, Inspiration store provides a selection of amazing sarongs, silk, ikat fabrics and home decor. You can also find high-quality clothes for him and her made for natural materials. Authentic Balinese art and handicrafts are also available for purchase.

Inspiration Shop Candidasa Bali

5. Alam Zempol

Alam Zempol is located in the nearby village of Sengkidu, and it’s a natural spa products haven. Selling organic soaps, bath and aroma products, essential oils and natural hair products, this tiny shop is a must-see – especially if you want to treat your body to natural and organic spa products.

Alam Zempol Shop Candidasa Bali

6. Sensatia Botanicals

A bit pricey, but very attractive Sensatia Botanicals offers high-quality organic spa and bath products to pamper your body with. Selling a wide range of products from natural scrubs to highly effective face creams and serums, the company adheres to the principle of supplying customers with only the best quality products rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

Sensatia Botanicals Store Candidasa Bali

7. Gogo’s Silver

Gogo’s Silver is one of many stores lining the main road in Candidasa. The well-groomed green lane that leads to the store makes the establishment really stand out. Don’t miss the opportunity to hunt out some amazing (and reasonably-priced) jewellery or other silver items to bring back home with you.

Togo's Silver Store Candidasa Bali

8. Indra Artshop

Indra Artshop is located in the old Tenganan village, which is located within a short drive from Candidasa. Here, you will find a myriad of traditional Balinese souvenirs, ikat blankets, colourful sarongs – which are the absolutely must-buy in Bali – and carpets. Besides the endless traditional shopping, the art shops in Tenganan village also represent Bali’s vibrant cultural heritage. You can witness traditional textile weaving and take a closer look at the island’s unique cultural legacy.

Indra Artshop Candidasa Bali

9. Nusantara Archipelago Handicrafts and Giftware

Located close to the famous Vincent’s restaurant, Nusantara Archipelago Handicrafts and Giftware is an authentic Balinese shop offering an ample selection of local souvenirs, gifts and handmade items. Antique ceramics, beautiful pots and exotic jewellery sourced from remote parts of Indonesia are beautifully displayed in the store. All products are high-quality and unique, making them a great gift to bring back home.

Nusatra Archipelago Handicrafts and Giftware Candidasa Bali
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