Most of you who have visited Bali have been to the supermarket, right? You’ve all wandered in and picked up your orange juice for your duty free vodka, had a bit of a look around bought some snacks, maybe peanuts. You may have even bought cheap souvenirs as well and thought what a bargain!

Bali is changing and with more and more people settling here and as tourism increases so does the demand for fresh produce. So here are the most popular supermarkets to stock up on all of the necessities for your trip or if you plan to settle in Bali.

So where do you shop for the fresh groceries in Bali?

Bintang Supermarket – if you are staying in Seminyak then most people will say head to Bintang Supermarket. It’s been around for years. There are two floors stocked high; upstairs they have everything you could possibly need; stationary, towels, international plugs (if you forgot to bring one), cutlery, clothing and suitcases (if you don’t have enough space).


Downstairs there is a huge range of groceries, some imported condiments, alcohol, juice, milk, Aqua, frozen meats and fresh fruit and vegetables. As more and more expats are living in Bali there has been a need for fresher produce which more supermarkets are starting to understand. If the check-out lines are too great head to the back of the store as there are two more cash registers hidden at the back door so you never have to wait around.

Bali Deli – the famous Deli has been stocking imported goods for years. If you want a wide range of cheeses, salami, olives, dips, wines – you can see you have everything for a perfect cheese platter. They also have fresh fruit and vegetables, toiletries and a wide range of fresh meats for a BBBQ.


Coco’s Supermarket – located on Eat Street in Seminyak. They have come along was in the last year stocking more imported cheese and really fresh produce. It’s an easy place to stop in and stock up on the necessities for the trip. Sunscreen, water, beers, and more. There is also an ATM inside.


Frestive – our favourite shop in Bali for fresh vegetables! Located near LIO corner on Jalan Kerbokan. They have a huge selections of vegetables including broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, shallots and more. Their prices are very affordable and we would say the best value in town. They also have a deli full of fresh meat and seafood including fresh salmon.


Bali Buda for health foods then look no further than Bali Buda. They sell a huge range of natural remedies, sweets and fresh bread baked daily. They also have a great cafe worth stopping in at. Located on the main road to Canggu.


Canggu Supermarkets

Canngu Station – located in a prime location opposite the famous the Canggu Club and Splash Waterpark. Fresh bread is delivered daily, massive selection of meats and seafood’s and they even have BBQ chooks! A huge range of important goods and fresh fruit and vegies. Step inside and you’ll see straight away where all of the expats hide out.


Kuta – Legian Supermarkets

Head down Sunset Road towards Denpasar and you will find one of the biggest departments stores in Bali.

Carrefour – take a car and start here if you plan to stay a while in Bali. The weekends are super busy so we recommend visiting on a weekday. They not only have groceries, but a huge deli section with fresh bread, take away fresh meals, cheese, meats and more. They have kitchen appliances, TV’s, DVD players, fridge freezers so this is perfect when you are setting up and need to furnish a house with one stop.


Sanur Supermarkets

Hardy’s – a popular Sanur supermarket, just 500m from the Bali Hyatt to the north is Hardy’s. Three floors of goodies however the top two are mainly tourist knick knacks including paintings, souvenirs, silvers, clothing and bags. On the ground floor you will find most of the groceries you need plus they have a wide range of imported goods.


Ubud Supermarkets

Bintang Ubud – stock up on accessories, clothing, shoes, suitcases, groceries, alcohol, toiletries and more. Bintang Supermarket is on Jl Raya Sanggingan No 45, Campuhan. About 5 mins or so from the Ubud market by car.


Coco’s Supermarket – located at the bottom of Jalan Hanoman where is splits off into Jalan Raya Pengoseken and Monkey Forest Road. The ground floor is the grocery section with chilled foods towards the rear; upstairs tends to be clothes, sunglasses, paintings, scarves etc. They have limited imported foods so maybe try Bintang for more of a selection.

Delta Dewata – a big supermarket about 100 metres along the Tegallelang Road from the huge Arjuna statue. We shop there each trip as it’s generally a bit cheaper than Bintang supermarket, and definitely cheaper than Cocos. It has the cheapest wine in Ubud (at least that we’ve found) and a reasonable selection. Good for stocking up on toiletries to bring home.

Nusa Dua Supermarkets

Hardys – one of the only options in Nusa Dua for local and some imported produce. Nice and easy to find as most taxi’s will know the location. Hardy’s is considered a gourmet supermarket, but from a tourist’s perspective prices are still moderately affordable; very few locals will shop here on a regular basis, and it’s very much orientated towards visitors to the area.


Most supermarkets accept credit cards but we recommend paying in cash and open 7 days per week. Buying Groceries in Bali isn’t as hard as it once was. There are many great supermarkets in Bali selling fresh produce, imported goods at reasonable prices. So don’t worry if you forgot something for your trip, pop in to the local supermarket and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Let us know if you think we have missed any options in Bali that you feel are great for picking up the essentials.