Safety tips for Bali

You are in Bali, your dream destination to have the time of your life before you go back to your mundane day-to-day life. Like any place that you would normally visit there are a few things that you should keep in mind for a pleasant stay. Hope these help you have an awesome time in Bali.

Bali Hotels

As a traveller it’s very important you look out for your own safety when staying in hotels. Carrying all your travel documents, credit card and extra money goes without saying. What is most important is keeping all your important things locked away in the personal bedroom safe.


Streets of Bali

Bali is not really famous for its traffic sense and manoeuvring through tiny crowded streets can be a problem for tourists, be it on foot or by vehicle. Be especially careful while crossing the streets as the local drivers or bikers may not slow down or stop and just drive around you. Be on constant vigil! Stick to well-lit areas and always carry a map to know where you are going. Try not to stay out late by yourself and walk down gangs, you wouldn’t do it in Australia so why do it in Bali?



If you are planning to drive a rental car or bike, be mindful of the traffic rules in Bali. Riding can be fun driving through the winding beautiful roads of Bali but be sure you are wearing a helmet and have an International Driving Permit. Failure to comply with both of the above conditions will attract a serious penalty and punishment. If you are travelling with your family, we would recommend hiring a car and a driver. The prices are not that high when compared to self-driving rentals and you can use the time to focus on the other things on the road. You do not have to worry about getting lost either.


On the Beaches

Since Bali’s waves are famous world over there’s always a lot of crowd at the beaches, surfers and non-surfers. Remember to wear sunblock before hitting the beach to protect your skin from Bali’s searing sun. Some of Bali’s beaches are marked with red flags to alert visitors of the dangerous tides and waves. Keep an eye out and stay away from these beaches with strong currents.

Apart from these major safety tips there are a few other things to remember that will come in handy. Always remember to keep your belongings safe from the monkeys, they will steal any and everything from tourists, be it food or your sunnies. While in Bali do not drink water from the tap and avoid street food or you will get the infamous Bali belly or traveller’s diarrhoea.

If you are looking to convert currency trust only the big banks or recommended currency converters that have been recognised by Bank Indonesia. To avoid a brush with the law officers refrain from smoking in public and do not even think of buying drugs. Enjoy Bali’s beautiful and picturesque beaches and rainforests for it truly is paradise on earth.