Introducing Cape Panwa – The Home to Phuket’s Aquarium

Cape Panwa is home to a Marine Biological Research Centre and Phuket’s Aquarium attracting visitors to relish in the lush marine life without the necessity of taking a diving course. This splendid area is an ideal base to get away from the hustle-and-bustle of the western retreats.


Cape Panwa is ten kilometres south from Phuket Town occupying the southmost tip of Phuket island. The area draws tourists to revel the secluded atmosphere with only a few high-end resorts and exclusive villas dotting the village.

With the stunning stretch of white-sand beach belted by the turquoise waters, Cape Panwa is one of the most beautiful retreats in Phuket. Luxury villas and accommodations lining the beach are squeezed in between the fishermen’s shacks offering a surreal view of the coexisting rustic and modern way of living.

Cape Panwa offers fantastic snorkelling for those eager to admire the exotic marine species found in the teeming waters of Phuket. Its beautiful beach seduces to lay around and soak the sun, and when it comes to the zenith get a refuge at one of the bars scattered around the area.


  • Awe-inspiring white-sand beach

  • Infamous Phuket’s Aquarium

  • Splendid villa accommodations

  • Peaceful and quiet atmosphere

  • Friendly local community


Situated towards the south of Phuket International Airport on the southernmost tip of Phuket island, Cape Panwa is the ideal base to visit Phuket’s Aquarium and admire exotic marine life in the teeming waters of the Andaman Sea.


Although it is possible to get to Cape Panwa, Phuket over land or water, the best way is to fly:


It takes around 1,5 hours to reach Cape Panwa from Phuket International Airport depending on traffic. Ministry of Villas can arrange a chauffeur to greet you upon arrival and escort you to your villa.


Alternatively, there is a taxi desk at the arrival level which arranges one-way fares at a fixed-price. You can opt one of the transfer options – a shared mini van with other travellers or a private taxi.


There are a few options how to get around Cape Panwa area, so we’ve ranked them according to our recommendations for first-time travellers:


Ministry of Villas can arrange a private car and chauffeur for you. Depending on which villa you are staying in, the cost for the private vehicle with a driver can vary, so it’s recommended to contact our Ministry of Villas team to get the complete information about the private transfers.


Cape Panwa is a small village ideal for walking and exploring it on foot. Most of the private villas and accommodations are located right on the beach, so if you are not planning to travel further afield, renting a car or motorbike is not necessary.


There are always taxis available at the designated tourist locations (Phuket’s Aquarium, beach parking lot and other), waiting for tourist to deliver them to the destination point. However, prices are significantly higher in the area, and there are no metered taxis as well as there are no tuk-tuks. Usually, the cost announced by the local driver is the last price, so further bargaining is useless, however, you can still try your hand at bargaining.


There are no standalone rental shops in Cape Panwa, nevertheless, you can ask your hotel or villa manager whether they can provide you with the scooter. Otherwise, head to the more touristic areas and rent a motorbike there. It is required that you must have an international drivers license on your person at all times otherwise the local police can issue you a ticket with a summons to appear in court. And, of course, make sure you wear a helmet.



There is one Ministry Approved villa in Cape Panwa. A five-bedroom Villa Nam Bo is an oasis of serenity and seclusion, and if you want to have a truly relaxed holiday, this is the best option. A luxurious Villa Nam Bo costs USD $1,012 per night and accommodates up to 10 guests.

The Villa Nam Bo has dedicated staff including villa manager, Chef, 24-hour security personnel, and many other services you won’t find in a hotel. This is why we say “Spend just one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again.”


Cape Panwa is a home to a couple of upmarket fine-dining serving eclectic mix of Thai and Asian cuisines able to satisfy even the choosiest of clients. Lining the beach or perched atop of the hills, these venues provide incredible island views.

The mid-range dining venues located near the Phuket’s Aquarium are excellent to savour the classic Thai cuisine, fresh seafood and western-style plates on choice.

If you want a truly outstanding dining experience head to the BabaQ, which serves an incredible range of daily local seafood and imported meats cooked to your liking. Salads, pizza and pasta, are also present in the attractive menu catering to both adults and children alike.


Cape Panwa is a home to the fantastic Baba Pool Club. Nestled atop of the hill, this pool club is a favourite place for travellers to relish in the jaw-dropping views of the island and cool down in the infinity glass edge swimming pool.

There is no better way to watch the renowned Thai sunsets than from the 25-metres swimming pool or while laying around on the comfy sun lounge with an exotic cocktail in your hand. The lounge music along with the chill-out and relaxed ambience will make you want to stay in the Pool Club long after the sunset.

If you want to get away from people and stay alone, head to the long stroll along the beach, where you can relish in the sounds of the ocean and witness the appearance of the first star – a truly romantic nightlife experience.


Cape Panwa is a sophisticated and laid-back area, featuring with very limited shopping opportunities. A few street stalls that sell souvenirs and shells, set nearby the tourist attractions such as Phuket Aquarium and Shell Museum, along with a couple of mini marts, are main components of the Cape Panwa shopping scene.

Compulsive shoppers will find everything they might need in the Phuket Town which is only 30 minutes drive from the area. Hundreds of local bazaars, outlets, department stores and shopping centres will satisfy even the most demanding shoppers.

Another serious shopping can be done in Patong, which is a home to numerous shopping malls, fashion boutiques and local markets selling beach clothes, accessories, shoes, souvenirs, housewares and jewellery.


The most notable and interesting place to visit in Cape Panwa is, without a doubt, a Phuket Aquarium. The Aquarium is a home to hundreds of the most exotic, grotesque and colourful marine species found in the Andaman Sea and elsewhere.

Phuket Aquarium attracts crowds of tourists to witness the diverse marine life: from the tiny seahorses to the giant groupers, leopard sharks and huge sea turtles. At the middle of the aquarium, there is a tunnel, which does not cease to fascinate adults and kids with its fabulous inhabitants: dolphins, turtles and schools of tropical fish.

Even though the aquarium can be explored within a couple of hours, you will remember this fascinating sightseeing for a long time. You bring your kids to learn more about the marine species and its habitation even without diving beneath the waves.