Introducing Bang Tao – The Enclave of Upscale Villas and Resorts

One of the longest beaches in Phuket, Bang Tao is a splendid stretch of silvery shoreline with several high-end villas and resorts strung along the coast. Bang Tao attracts travellers of all ages to relish the quiet secluded beach retreat away from the crowds.


Bang Tao was a formerly a tin-mining area that brought a fortune to Patong. When the area around Bang Tao ran dry, it was almost completely abandoned until immense Laguna Complex didn’t appear in the place. Since then, Bang Tao is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations on Phuket.

Located on the north-western tip of the island, Bang Tao stretches for eight kilometres giving enough space for upscale resorts, luxury villas and small local guesthouses. Even though the village is renowned for its high-end hotels and villa accommodations, there are numerous Thai guest houses for those travelling on a tighter budget.

The development has affected the western part of the coastline, while its northern end still remains reasonable untouched, offering a stunning empty shoreline for those wishing all sand for themselves. Bang Tao beach is excellent for swimming and snorkelling at the dry season, while the offseason brings swell and wind endowing surfers, kiters and windsurfers to enjoy water sports.


  • Splendid beach lacking people

  • Jaw-dropping villa accommodations

  • Laguna Golf Phuket open to public

  • Fair number of great restaurants

  • Authentic village Cherng Talay


Situated towards the south of Phuket International Airport on the north-western coast of Phuket Island, Bang Tao is the ideal base to get the most of the secluded beach holiday and stay away from noise and crowds.


Although it is possible to get to Bang Tao, Phuket over land or water, the best way is to fly:


It can take anywhere between 35 minutes to 50 minutes to reach Bang Tao from Phuket International Airport depending on traffic. Ministry of Villas can arrange a chauffeur to greet you upon arrival and escort you to your villa.


Alternatively, there is a taxi desk at the arrival level which arranges one-way fares at a fixed-price. You can opt one of the transfer options – a shared mini van with other travellers or a private taxi.


There are several options, so we’ve ranked them according to our recommendations for first-time travellers:


Ministry of Villas can arrange a private car and chauffeur for you. Depending on which villa you are staying in, the cost for the private vehicle with a driver can vary, so it’s recommended to contact our Ministry of Villas team to get the complete information about the private transfers.


Getting around on foot is an easy and comfortable way to explore naturally beautiful Bang Tao area. The nearby Surin beach is within a 15 minutes walk, so if you are feeling for some pleasant and relaxing stroll, just follow the road south of Bang Tao until you will see a parking lot.


Finding a scooter rental shop in Bang Tao might be tricky. Although, you can find one in the nearby Surin, which is only 15 minutes walk from the village. Moving around by motorbike is an easy, convenient and affordable way to explore not only Bang Tao area but also further afield, but a certain level of experience is required as the traffic can be somewhat chaotic. Most important, you must have an international drivers license on your person at all times, otherwise, the local police can issue you a ticket with a summons to appear in court. And, of course, make sure you wear a helmet.


Car travel is a convenient way to explore further afield. Though, if you are not planning to travel to other destinations, a rental car is not necessary, as Bang Tao is a rather small village.


Phuket taxis make it easy to move around. There are plentiful at designated tourist locations (such as shopping centres, attractions and other popular places), though it might be tricky to flag the one down the street as Bangtao is a rather secluded area. Although, you can always request a pick-up by phone or ask your villa manager to arrange a taxi for you.



There are over 10 Ministry Approved villas in Bang Tao. As Bang Tao is less popular and rather secluded area, villa prices tend to be lower than in other parts of Phuket. Bang Tao villas range from USD $290 per night for three-bedroom villa resorts to over USD $800 per night for a seven-bedroom luxury villa.

Most of our villas have dedicated staff including butlers, chefs, nannies, 24-hour security personnel, and many other services you won’t find in a hotel. This is why we say “Spend just one night in a villa and you’ll never stay in a hotel again.”


Bang Tao dining caters to all travellers offering a wide and even eclectic choice of dining venues: from the basic hawk-style authentic eateries to the exquisite fine-dining.

Most of the upscale restaurants are located along the road from Cherng Talay village to the Laguna Resort. The classy ambience and great location, though, doesn’t always mean the overpriced menu. Numerous fantastic venues serve savoury dishes at a reasonable price.

Mid-range and local eateries lining the beach serve the mix of Thai and international cuisines and these are a great alternative to the restaurants located within the resort complexes. The win-win choice is always seafood and Thai cuisine with its fresh and quality fish and delightful Pad Thai.


As diverse as dining scene nightlife in Bang Tao offers something for everyone: from the shack-like bars dotting the beach and playing reggae music to the sophisticated beach clubs, where you can dress up and chill out at the super comfy white velvet lounge chairs.

After the dinner, most of the travellers disperse to the drinking establishments to relish in the chilled out and relaxed atmosphere of this upscale resort town. Bang Tao resorts host several bars, welcoming non-stayers along with their guests to enjoy a drink or two before going to bed.

Bang Tao beach is a home to several unpretentious local bars offering the great and friendly atmosphere along with the savoury cocktails and cold beers. Overall, Bang Tao features with the hassle-free nightlife ambience offering the sophisticated and laid-back experiences rather than the frantic scene.


Although Bang Tao cannot be referred to as the shopping hub, if compared to the huge shopping malls and centres of Patong, the area hosts several quality shops and fashion boutiques catering to the inveterate shoppers.

Most of the quality shops are located in or around resort complexes providing an ample choice of antiques, fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories. Each hotel within the complex has one or a couple of shops selling necessities and souvenirs, appealing for the relaxed and hassle-free retail therapy.

For the traditional Thai souvenirs, head inland, away from the beach, where you will find a few shops owned by expats and offering superb spa products: natural soap, virgin coconut oil, essential oils and fragrances, candles and many other essentials.


Bang Tao is all about relaxation. Laying around by your private swimming pool in the exclusive villa and revelling the fantastic views, swimming in the warm and calm waters of the Andaman Sea, snorkelling in the northern end of the beach or indulging in the water sports, Bang Tao has something to offer to everyone.

You can rent a sun lounge on the beach or simply laze on the tidy white sand under the shady stretch of palms and tall pine trees. Or you can find a refuge in one of the beach bars lining the coastline and grab an ice cold beer or a fresh fruit juice, and indulge in the relaxed atmosphere adherent to this area.

Every evening, after 4 pm, trainers take elephants to swim, so you can witness an incredible scene of these large and clumsy animals frolicking in the ocean. Bang Tao exudes the relaxation and once you appear there, you will immediately feel chilled out tranquil.