Have You Heard About Summer in Hakuba?

Hakuba is fast becoming known as one of the hottest winter holiday destinations due to its countless slopes covered with thick layers of snow making a perfect ski playground, and its adorable scenic villages across the broad Hakuba Valley peeking out from the folds of their white blanket. However, when the snow melts, the unspoiled beauty of Hakuba’s nature reveals itself once more, and for summer holiday-makers can witness the beauty of this Japanese gem in a completely different light! If you are not winter sports enthusiast, there are plenty of summer activities in Hakuba for an amazing holiday. Welcome to summer in Hakuba: your new favourite year-round holiday spot!

Summer in Hakuba Japan

Hike or Ride Across Hakuba Valley

The vast Hakuba Valley offers an almost unlimited number of trails, paths and walkways during the summer. You may rent a bike and ride or just hike across the valley, watching the mesmerising landscapes and incredible flower and fauna displaying themselves! Get yourselves some wheels, with bike rental made available at the Evergreen Outdoor Centre along with guided tours. Mountain bike through the whimsical Japanese villages, and pass through the stunning lakes and mountains – you better have your camera ready!

Paragliding with the Birds

Absolutely breathtaking paragliding activities are provided by Hakuba Lion Adventure, now available for the bravest travellers. You can fly in tandem with the instructor or on your own after a guided tutorial lesson with a bilingual instructor. Take up the challenge to experience a pure thrill, and get rewarded with the unbeatable bird’s-eye view of the Japanese Alps.

Paragliding Summer in Hakuba Japan

Water Sports at Lake Aoki

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the vast selection of the water sports activities provided by the Evergreen Outdoor Centre: kayaking, canoeing, rafting, SUPing (Stand Up Paddle) and waterskiing are just a few. The splendid Lake Aoki is fed by melted snow and an excellent place to swim at the deep breakpoints, paddle or arrange a picnic on one of the shaded lake shores. Absolute paradise!

Water Sports Summer in Hakuba Japan
Water Sports Rafting Summer in Hakuba Japan

Hakuba Summer Camps

Your children will love staying a few weeks in one of the summer camps organised by English Adventure. There are two programs available: 100% English or a bilingual course, both of them combining various outdoor and sports activities alongside an educational plan. Perfect for the summer break.

Summer Camp in Hakuba Japan

Hakuba Skate Park

There is also a top-class skate park in Hakuba, which skaters can access for only JPY500,00 per session. The park is open all year round from 9 am until 11 pm. Take into account there is no rental shop, so better to take your board with you if you are planning to visit the park and hit the ramps.

Skate Park Summer in Hakuba Japan

If you love pristine nature (and who doesn’t?), crystal-clear lakes, rushing rivers and scenic mountains, then you should definitely consider Hakuba as your next summer holiday destination! And to make your leisurely summer holiday truly outstanding, book a chalet with Ministry of Villas in Hakuba and receive Ministry Upgrades and additional benefits of impeccable service with some of the most amazing chalets available to choose from. Enjoy!

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Hakuba Summer Camps – English Adventure

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