We want to shed light into how the villa business works here in Bali. Many of you might see a villa on our website and then do a search to find it cheaper. So let’s explain. We showcase villas on behalf of the management companies or the owners. We have to showcase the villa at the same price as everyone else otherwise we are in breach of the contract. Many times clients will email us and ask if we can offer a better price on a particular villa however we can’t. The villa doesn’t allow us to discount. This is where the term ‘price parity’ comes into play and the villa makes sure their property has the same rate across all websites.

The second misunderstanding is the inclusions for the villa. The inclusions for the villas are the same on our site as going direct. So there is no need to worry. Plus all of our villas include return airport transfers so you are not left at the airport trying to find your way to the villa. And with no street signs or house numbers you can see why this is very important.

Hidden Costs

There is a Government tax and service charge in Bali. Our rates on the site display the villa rate including the tax and services. Many villa websites will add this on at the end which is why rates are displayed with ++ meaning you will have additional tax and services, which range from 10% to 21% on top of the total. So we are not more expensive, we are just giving you the full rate.

Why is This Rate 10% for Some Villas and Others Charge 21%?

The Government tax is 10% and it’s the service charge that can vary. Depending on the level of service from the villa staff. Some villas only have one to two staff members so the rate could be as low as 5% on top of the 10% tax. This amount is shared between the staff at the end of the month. As the minimum wage in Bali for staff can be as low as $150 you can see why the service charge is added. In actual fact the Government tax and services MUST be added to all accommodation bookings in Indonesia.

It Might be Cheap but be Careful

Some clients have said, “Well I booked a villa online and didn’t have to pay tax or services”. Ahh, well this is what is happening now and why sites like Airbnb are in trouble. Anyone who builds a villa in Bali can add his or her property to any of the massive websites you see online. If they don’t have tax and services added well that usually means they are not paying Indonesian tax and therefore an illegal villa and not authorised to have tourist stay. This brings me to my next point.

How Can You Guarantee The Services in This Cheap Villa?

When you find a cheap villa online through a website you wont know the property is an illegal villa. So how do you know if there is construction next door? Is anyone collecting you from the airport; no, then how are you going to find the villa? We don’t want to scare you but you do have to be careful about booking online just because it’s advertised on a well-known site. Just because you think you are dealing with the owner well this is how many of the scary scams that you hear about start.

This is why the CEO Alastair Loxton and partner Sara O’Shea started Ministry of Villas. They could see there was that personal touch missing. People were booking villas and getting caught out, arriving and finding the villa wasn’t how it appeared in the photo’s. That’s why Ministry of Villas personally inspects the villas on our site; our reservation staff have seen the villas and know first hand what services are offered.

We make sure villas offer a certain level of services, the villa actually appears the same as the images online and basically you know you are getting exactly what you pay for. We also handle the communication and our staff speak English and the local languages so there is no mis-comuncation which can happen when booking a villa online and overseas.


Why is Ministry of Villas Service Free?

We have wholesale rates and the agent fee is already included in the villa rate advertised. So regardless of if you book with us or go direct the villa rate is exactly the same. The difference with booking through a company like Ministry of Villas is we have International staff from Australia, Indonesia and Japan who will help you find a villa that suits your requirements. We will also reply within the same day and you can be 100% sure of the villa you are booking online. You can be assured that everything will run smoothly for your holiday. Plus we offer a secure online payment. People shop around but keep in mind to talk to us as our prices will never be beaten!