Thai food is diverse and delicious but due to the abundance of fried dishes it is not always healthy. However, there are hidden gems, like June’s Art Cafe in Chaweng on Samui island.


In June’s Art Cafe you may savor healthy and tasty food for any choice: vegetarian, Thai or European, fish or seafood. The endless list of healthy fresh juices and smoothies are a must-try, and there is also a wide selection of excellent teas and coffees.

Thailand Samui Art June's Cafe-breakfast


We found this cafe by accident, while walking to the Big C shopping mall. It is small, and undistinguished but situated just opposite the gym. And, of course, the majority of clients are followers of a healthy lifestyle and regular customers to the cafe.

Thailand Samui Art June's Cafe Outside


The painted walls with the lovely handicrafts for sale on them, the incredibly comfortable tables, and a great variety of desserts being showcased, THAT is why June’s Art Cafe is always full of people. The place is kept as a nice little secret from most tourists.

Thailand Samui Art June's Cafe Ambience


June’s Art Cafe opens every day at 9.30 and closes at 18.30. Although, and there is a high probability that all tables will be occupied for the duration. We were lucky enough to get one table and to eat the best healthy breakfast we had over the course of four whole month-long holiday.

The fresh organic hummus with the pieces of whole wheat homemade bread, carrot, and cucumber, was delicious and light. Scrambled eggs served with a piece of the same homemade bread, homemade apple jam, and carrot juice were more reasons why my husband decided he might just be swayed to be a health food follower from now on! As we both fancy a touch of the sweet tooth, an important factor for us was that in June’s Art Cafe even desserts are MSG-free. The chocolate cake, which we tried, was not too sweet, but soft and moist. For those with gluten intolerance, there is also a yummy gluten-free cheesecake.

Thailand Samui Art June's Cafe Dessert

June’s Art Cafe is on another level amongst the healthy food restaurant offerings in the area. Affordable prices, fantastic food, and prompt service are the reasons why so many people are choosing this restaurant… so don’t tell anyone!

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