Following the Stars

With a resume of past guests that’s a basic who’s-who of the rich and famous (think Liz Hurley just to name one..!), needless to say our entourage was beyond excited to come and experience the legendary Pointe Sud – and it did not disappoint!

Pointe Sud Living And Dining Area | Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Instagrammer’s Paradise

With its cascading lawns and white stone pillars overlooking an endless clifftop with a crystal blue infinity pool, Pointe Sud is an Instagrammers paradise where at every single angle you look the property presents itself as yet another glorious picture-perfect postcard (no filter needed!). Stepping inside the impressive arched doorways, the high roof and the elegant furniture immediately brings feelings of silver-screen glamour where you want to grab a martini and write your latest novel on one of the ample couches. The enthralling bedrooms beckon you in to take a load off and relax, while the outdoor bathtub gives a sense of seduction to the property! The modern twists on the timeless colonial style is truly unique, and for the right guest, it can really be your childhood dreams come to life.

Pointe Sud Tropical Garden | Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Uniquely Yours For The Holidays

Like a Bond film, the design never stops surprising with intriguing wooden stairwells-come-ladders leading to the upstairs TV room, and an underground hidden bedroom that oozes funk and style with its own couch area and viewing windows above ground. The bathrooms all come equipped with all the modern amenities you could desire in order to both refresh and rejuvenate in complete privacy, and of course to pamper yourself in readiness for your Hollywood-Starlet unveiling at the epic dinner table for your adoring fans!

Pointe Sud Living Pavilion | Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Ocean Views Are a Must

Of course with all these ocean view properties, the pool is where you will likely spend a good majority of your time. Grab a good book, your oversized sunglasses and sun hat, and then lose yourself down by the waterside for hours at a time just relishing in the cool sea breeze. If you are motivated, pop down through the gate and get nearer the ocean for yourself and smell the fresh salt water. Holidays are meant to be like this!

Pointe Sud Infinity Pool | Mirissa, Sri Lanka

No Longer For Just The Rich and Famous

Pointe Sud is the kind of unique amazing experience that you will tell your family and friends about years after having visited, and doubtless they may look into coming across themselves. Hidden celebrity hideaways such as this treasure are no longer just for the rich and famous… now everyone can feel like a star! At least while on holiday that is.