Patong is often referred to as one of the major party hubs of Asia, offering all kinds of nightlife one can imagine. Beer and go-go bars, nightclubs and cabarets, drag shows and live music pubs, hectic beach parties and sophisticated rooftop venues… you can find all of this and so much more in Phuket’s undeniable party central. Here is a quick guide to the sizzling nightlife in Patong.

1. Bangla Road

Bangla Road is an epicentre of Phuket’s nightlife. Intersecting with the beach road, Bangla Road is lined with numerous bars and clubs exploding with a riot of neon colours and electro-sounds competing for your attention. It’s the area with the highest concentration of beer and go-go bars, cabarets and other entertainment you’ll find in Phuket and arguably, the planet.

Bangla Road Thailand Phuket

2. Simon Cabaret

Simon Cabaret is one of the most famous cabarets in Phuket, gathering crowds of curious tourists every night. Beautiful costumes, amazing choreography and of course, skilled and talented entertainers will keep your eyes peeled to the scene during the whole show.

Simon Cabaret Phuket Thailand

3. Seduction Beach Club and Disco

It’s hard to miss or overlook Seduction Beach Club and Disco. This popular club is one of the largest entertainment hubs in Patong, occupying multiple stories and boasting a modern rooftop restaurant, bar, shisha lounge and nightclub. If you’re looking for an easy one-stop venue amidst the nightlife in Patong, Seducation is the way to go.

Seduction Beach Club Disco Patong Phuket Thailand

4. Tiger Disco

Another eye-catching and impressive complex, Tiger Disco occupies three floors on Bangla Road. With a huge tiger overlooking the street and beautiful ladies performing pole dance in the ground-floor bar, the venue is especially popular among men. It’s also a cool spot to hang out and dance in the nightclub set on the upper floor.

Tiger Disco Patong Phuket Thailand

5. Soi Sea Dragon

Soi Sea Dragon street is reasonably remote from Bangla Road, but it’s still a rather popular centre of nightlife. Housing numerous go-go bars and some of the most frantic nightclubs in Phuket, Soi Sea Dragon comes to life after midnight.

Soi Sea Dragon Patong Phuket Thailand

6. Paradise Beach Club

Paradise Beach Club has nothing in common with sophisticated and laid-back beach clubs lining the coastline of quieter Phuket beach retreats. The major highlight of this vibrant party centre is that it hosts parties celebrating the phases of the moon, with fiestas resembling the renowned Full Moon Parties taking place in Koh Phangan.

Paradise Beach Club Patong Phuket Thailand

7. Muay Thai Boxing Shows

Patong is a home to a few Muay Thai stadiums, where you can witness real fights taking place every week. One of the most famous venues is Bangla Boxing Stadium. Set in the centre of Sai Kor Road, this spacious complex includes a beer bar with hostesses on the first floor and a ring fringed by an amphitheatre on the second floor. Definitely a unique way to experience the famous nightlife in Patong!

Muay Thai Phuket Thailand

8. Paradise Complex

One of the most famous gay bars in Phuket, Paradise Complex is an awesome entertainment complex featuring a flamboyant and vibrant atmosphere and hosting vivid cabarets shows. Sometimes the fabulous shows spill out into the street, attracting passers by to enter the club and join the never-ending party in Paradise.

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9. Illuzion

Illuzion is a great addition to the the already bustling nightlife in Patong. This super-contemporary, large entertainment complex set right in the centre of Bangla road features an incredible atmosphere, futuristic design and awesome music catering to party lovers of all ages and nations. If Illuzion is not already on your bucket-list, you need to add it, STAT!

Illuzion Nightlife Patong Phuket Thailand

10. Bars with Live Music

Next to the techno clubs and go-go venues, Patong is also a home to numerous outstanding live music bars. Among the most popular ones are Hard Rock Cafe, Rock City and Red Hot and Tao Bar, where you can soak in the relaxed atmosphere, cheer to the live bands playing your favourite songs, sip cocktails and enjoy a break from the more frantic nightlife in Patong offered at most venues.

Nightlife in Patong Phuket Thailand

And there you have it – our cheat sheet to the best nightlife in Patong. Still can’t get enough of the party scene? Check out our guide to the absolute best nightlife in Phuket and get ready to party like never before!