Nightlife is Rawai is not as frantic and vibrant as in the more touritic parts of Phuket (*cough* Patong). You can still expect to find a fair number of bustling bars and cool nightclubs. Here are our picks for the best nightlife in Rawai. Dance the night away and throw back a couple of beers or a few cocktails before heading back to your private villa or resort.

1. Coconut Bar and Restaurant

Nestled under a thatched roof, Coconut Bar and Restaurant is an attractive open-sided dining and drinking venue catering to travellers looking to enjoy a laid-back night out in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Located across the road from the beach, Coconut Bar is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset views while sipping a cocktail or a glass of wine.

Coconut Bar and Restaurant Rawai Phuket Thailand

2. Freedom Bar

Boasting a bright orange facade, Freedom Bar faces the beach and attracts visitors of all ages and nations, travelling alone or with families to enjoy endless cold beers, live sports broadcasts, occasional live music and a casual atmosphere that screams easy living by the beach.

Freedom Bar Rawai Phuket Thailand

3. Viking Restaurant

Unpretentious and modern, Viking Restaurant is a Nordic sea view bar and restaurant offering ice-cold beers, tropical cocktails and a selection of wines. If you’re feeling hungry, you can stretch out your post-beach drinks at Viking into a relaxed dinner. Specialising in fresh seafood and European cuisine, Viking Restaurant appeases all palates.

Viking Bar Rawai Phuket Thailand

4. Rainbow Bar

Rainbow Bar is a simple venue serving inexpensive cocktails, a wide selection of local and international wines and hearty buffets. The bar also houses a pool table and large TV screens broadcasting live sports. A favourite hangout for locals and expats, Rainbow Bar is a great little spot to meet new friends and spend a fun evening out.

Rainbow Bar and Restaurant Rawai Phuket Thailand

5. Aussie Pub Rawai

Aussie Pub Rawai is a friendly local bar with lots of beer, pool tables and awesome vibes. The pub hosts the occasional live music set and offers super friendly service. A great hangout for Aussies and other Westerns craving for a home away from home or looking to catch the big game.

Aussie Pub Rawai Phuket Thailand

6. Sunshine Bar

Sunshine Bar owes its popularity to the friendly owners, who do their best to keep you entertained the whole evening, improvising dance shows and encouraging visitors to participate in their performances. Besides the fantastic atmosphere, the bar also offers stunning sunset views and an ample array of cocktails.

Sunshine Bar Rawai Phuket Thailand

7. The Honey Lounge

The Honey Lounge is a chill establishment serving delicious cocktails, shisha (hookah) and regular pool tournaments (every Wednesday) with a nominal entry fee. The winner takes the pot and is showered with fame. Well, at least until next Wednesday.

The Honey Lounge Rawai Phuket Thailand

8. Butterfly Bar Laguna Plaza

Butterfly Bar Laguna Plaza is a bar complex housing a handful of open-sided pubs under one roof. Enjoy chilled out tunes, people watch and swap the stories with locals or your fellow-travellers. Once you start getting restless, head to another pub within the complex. All pubs have a similar setting but with any luck you’ll wonder into a bar with a more lively atmosphere.

Butterfy Bar Rawai Phuket Thailand

Have you been to Phuket? Do you have insider info on the best nightlife in Rawai? We’d love to hear from you – share it in the comments!

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