For years now people have been visiting Bali not only for a holiday but to also take advantage of the cheap dental care over here. For some people the thought of getting away and getting a crown or two is a great way to save money. For others coming to a country like Indonesia is the last place they would dream of getting any dental work performed just to save a few bucks.

Many of the dentists in Bali who see tourists are internationally trained in America, Malaysia and Singapore. With the soaring prices of dental treatments in Australia and the Western countries, a lot of travellers prefer to get their teeth treated in Bali and take a break at the same time.

Dental Treatments in Bali – Wise Move?

The dental treatments preformed in Bali do match up to modern standards and techniques however you do hear mixed reviews. You’ll find that most of the dental clinics in Bali are clean and fitted with advanced equipment. There are travellers known to come back every year, specifically planning their Bali holiday in accordance with the follow up appointments with dentists.

If you’re planning to have your dental treatment for the first time in Bali, we recommend that you do your homework well before arriving here to ensure that you get the best dental surgeon for your needs. It’s best to research the cost’s of treatments in Bali and contact a suitable dentist to address your concerns. Bali has dental surgeons, orthodontic surgeons as well as surgeons who can perform advanced cosmetic surgery to improve your teeth.

Dental treatments in Bali

So where should you go in Bali?

Bali 911 is one of the oldest dental clinics with two branches in Bali – Denpasar and Kuta. The Kuta branch in Bali Galleria Mall is most convenient since it is located right in the heart of the popular tourist hub. At Bali 911 Clinic, you can repair and rehabilitate your teeth with crowns and bridge work completed within one week. Other services include; gum operation, apex operation and implants. They also provide services in cosmetic dental surgery.

Dr. Rudy at the Kuta 911 clinic is quite popular amongst travellers for doing the complicated dental work.

For general and cosmetic dentistry, you can visit Dr. Sucipto. He is a renowned dentist in Bali and especially popular amongst the expat’s. His clinic is in Denpasar and it is best to email him in advance for an appointment. Dr Wibisono, at the same clinic, is known for his orthodontic practice. So, those of you looking for braces this is the right place to go! He also has Invisalign available however it’s not much cheaper here in Bali. Contact: +62 81338466585

If you’re holidaying on the beaches of Nusa Dua, BIMC Dental Centre, an Australian owned and managed hospital offers dental treatments for crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

The best way to contact the clinic is to email them with your concerns and request a quote. Most of the dental clinics will happily make appointments for you well in advance, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

Do let us know if you have had a good or bad experience here in Bali at the dentist. It might just help other people find out about who to see and who not to see.


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