Bali is known for its stunning beaches, pumping surf breaks and endless infusion of culture into everyday life. Wander off the beaten track and you will find many trails to explore and view the untouched landscape that Bali has to offer. We have found some of the best hidden gems and most popular walking routes to suit wanderers of all fitness levels and distances.

Campuhan Ridge Walk – Ubud

A mostly paved trail offering views of stunning rolling hills and scared river gorges. The lush tropical greenery provides a great backdrop for photos – be patient to get the perfect shot as this trail can become popular. We suggest visiting early to beat the heat of Bali’s sun.

Trail Difficulty Level: Easy walk for a beginner with a low-level of fitness. We recommend starting early around 8am before the burn can be felt by the sun and the crowds start to form.

Time: 1.5 – 2 hours in total (approximately 7 km in a full circle trip), a great starting point is from Ubud Palace and completing the trail to end at Karsa Cafe for a late breakfast or early lunch.

Local Boys on the Campuhan Ridge Walk | Ubud, Bali
Sara on the Campuhan Ridge Walk | Ubud, Bali
Campuhan Ridge Walk | Ubud, Bali

West Bali National Park – Northwest Bali

A protected conservation area in Northwest Bali, offering beaches, rainforest, volcanic peaks that can be explored on foot with a guide. With over 190 square kilometres to explore on official footpaths we suggest to hire a guide on arrival to explore – prices start from IDR 400,000. Also trails can be tailored to include passing through the Marine Park to try your spot at snorkelling or through dense forests to try and spot the hundreds endangered birds that call this place home.

Trail Difficulty Level: There are 3 separate walking routes for differing levels of ability and lengths.

Time: Depending on the guided route you take it can vary between 1 – 7 hours.

Dense Jungle Trekking | Bali, Indonesia

Lake Tamblingan Trek – Ubud

A volcanic lake in North-central Bali approximately 1.5 hours from Ubud. Temperatures are low and you will feel a chill in the air. Best to explore using a guide as the jungle is dense and filled with exotic birds, and giant ficus trees. To find guides we recommend Bali Jungle Trekking info booth

Trail Difficulty Level: It is encouraged to use an experienced guide to ensure you safety as you are walking around an extinct volcano as well as dense rainforest and active wildlife.

Time: Varying is distance, trekking tours can last 2 – 3 hours as guides take time to explain different culture, local history and the habitat along the way.

Lake Tamblingan | Ubud, Bali

Mount Batur Hike – Ubud

A volcanic peak in north Ubud where guided sunrise treks are popular amongst tourists. Know for being Bali’s second highest peak at 1717 metres above sea level. We would recommend leaving early morning (around 4am) with a guide from the base of the mountain. This is to ensure you stay on path as well as have the best hiking experience to get to a great viewing point for sunrise. Guide cost approximately IDR 800,000 per person and are well worth it. This can be done in groups or privately with not much variation in price. We would recommend a private group so you can do it at your own pace.

Trail Difficulty Level: This is a medium difficulty trail, and best advised to be done with a guide.

Time: 2.5 hours non-stop, additional time may be required for sightseeing and breaks.

Mount Batur Hiking Tour | Bali, Indonesia
Mount Batur Hiking Tour View | Ubud, Bali

Botanical Gardens (Kebun Raya Bali) – Tabanan

1.5 hour drive from Denpasar, off the beaten track of tourist haunted areas.  Wander through the grounds to experience giant ficus trees, wild monkeys, bamboo forests and exotic flowers. You can self-guide yourself through a peaceful path past a dinosaur shadehouse, through a cactus garden and an enchanting fern garden.

Trail Difficulty Level: Great for families and differently abled that want to explore hidden gems of flora and fauna that Bali has to offer. Mostly pathed with flat open spaces. Some of the areas have stairs, however there are many areas accessible with ramp access.

Time: You could spend anywhere for 1 hour to a whole day enjoying and exploring the Botanical Gardens.

Candi Bentar Kebun Raya | Tabanan, Bali
Botanical Gardens Open Spaces | Tabanan, Bali
Botanical Gardens Cactus Greenhouse | Tabanan, Bali

Image Credit: Bali Botanic Garden

Rice Terraces Walk – Ubud

The Tegalalang rice terraces offer a dreamy landscape worth a visit if you are wanting a walk through lush green rice fields both with or without a tour guide. You will walk through local villages, past market stalls and temples. Hiring a tour guide doesn’t necessarily mean the walk is difficult or challenging, it can just increase your experience by having someone explain the landscape or take you on the best route. IDR 10,000 entry fee.

Trail Difficulty Level: A moderate level of difficulty due to the unstable paths in some places. If you don’t mind exploring areas which are lesser known and not made for tourists through the local villages this is the area for you.

Time: We recommend spending 1.5 – 3 hours exploring.

Ricefields | Ubud, Bali

Lempuyang Temple – Candidasa

For the more experienced hiker, with steep hilly areas. There are paths to follow and you will pass locals that are making the trek to take offerings to the temple on your journey, however the views of Candidasa uninhabited beaches and cliff faces make a place worth visiting if you are up for the challenge.

Trail Difficulty Level: It has been said that even the avid hiker appreciates the knowledge of an experienced guide. This is being said it is only needed if you opt for a more challenging route.

Time: Hikes can vary in time from 2 – 6 hours.

Lempuyang Temple | Candidasa, bali

Mount Catur – Central Bali

Known as the 4th highest peak in Bali, with the walk starting from Gau Jepang Caves (built by WWII prisoners) with a 3 hour hike ahead of you. You will find the path is easy to follow and the best time of year to visit is between April – September as this is when it is dry season (to avoid the leeches). Early morning is recommended to avoid the heat. This trail offers views of Lake Bratan and Bedugul.

Trail Difficulty Level: Moderate level of difficulty as this trek is for people with a relatively good level of fitness. This walking route has a moderate incline and mostly distinguished trail.

Time: This trek takes approximately 3 – 4 hours to complete with a guide.

Mount Catur | Bali, Indonesia

Image Credit: Bali Sunrise Tours 

Beach Walk – Berawa (Canggu) to Legian

If a walk along the beach is more your style we recommend the walk from Canggu to Legian. The walking surface will be most flat, hard black sand with no roadblocks like rocks or river mouths along the way. This is perfect to do with the kids or early morning before the heat sets in at low tide.

Trail Difficulty Level: An easy walking trail suitable for beginners and children. You don’t need any pre-trained levels of fitness as it is relatively flat stroll.

Time: Approximately 30 – 40 minutes. If you want to continue right until the end of the beach in Kuta, this will take an additional 30 minutes. All time is measured one way.

Whether you are an avid hiker or just looking to explore as a beginner, there are walking trails in Bali to suit all skill levels. If you want to try something different and away from the hustle and bustle we recommend asking one of our villa specialists to find you the perfect villa in Ubud, Bali. The epicentre of many walking trails with varying levels of difficulty. By staying with us, our concierge team can arrange for a local guide as well as a car and driver to make the most of your experience whilst in Bali.

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