Sri Lanka’s Dikwella is home to stunning luxury villas, lush tropical gardens and deserted paradise beaches. The area also houses a handful of restaurants scattered throughout the village, mostly serving seafood and Sri Lankan cuisine. Catering to travellers on a tighter budgets, there are also a couple of affordable and simple local diners. Check out our picks for the top five restaurants in Dikwella!

1. Blue Beach Paradise

Tucked away in a paradisal bay and boasting tables placed right on the sand, Blue Beach Paradise lives up to its name big time. Laid-back and simple, the venue serves mouth-watering seafood and eclectic Asian fusion. While away an evening sipping ice-cold beer or a tropical cocktail, allowing your evening stretch into dinner and share a generous portion of freshly grilled seafood with a group of friends.

Blue Beach Paradise Restaurant Dikwella Sri Lanka

2. Seaside Garden

Located in a colonial-style building, Seaside Garden is a small dining venue flanking a local guesthouse. Specialising in fresh seafood, the restaurant offers fish, prawns, calamari and other marine delicacies depending on the catch of the day. The menu also includes traditional Lankan fare, catering to those who don’t feel like having seafood.

Seaside Garden Restaurant Dikwella Sri Lanka

3. Sails Inn

Sails Inn is a modern open-sided beachfront restaurant featuring a stylish interior and comfy wooden furnishings. Overlooking the crescent-shaped bay’s aquamarine waters, the restaurants provides relaxed vibes and delicious tropical cocktails for your ultimate relaxation. Once you start feeling hungry, the restaurant offers an incredible selection of Western favourites, offering respite from the ubiquitous Sri Lankan cuisine and seafood.

Sails In Restaurant Dikwella Sri Lanka

4. San Bay Lanka

San Bay Lanka stands out with its unusual setting, attracting visitors to climb the ladder to reach the wooden deck of a spacious sailboat, which has been rebuilt into a restaurant. Tucked away on the deserted Talalla beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean, this quaint dining venue serves delicious seafood and contemporary Sri Lankan dishes in an unpretentious setting surrounded by beachfront beauty.

San Bay Lanka Restaurant Dikwella Sri Lanka

5. Cafe De Una Restaurant

Cafe De Una is a family-run restaurant where you can savour authentic homemade Sri Lankan cuisine at a superb value. Located on Tangalle Road, it’s easy to pass by the eatery as its simple exterior is rather unremarkable. If you do take the effor to spot the diner, you will be rewarded with delicious authentic curries, chicken fried rice and other local specialities cooked with love and warmth and served in generous portions.

Cafe De Una Restaurant Dikwella Sri Lanka