Karon’s dining scene is diverse and appealing, much like the village itself. Catering to all tastes and budgets, this coastal town boasts Thai, Greek, Mediterranean and even American restaurants choose from. Here is a quick guide to the best restaurants in Karon, Phuket.

1. Pad Thai Shop

Pad Thai Shop is an unpretentious roadside venue serving authentic Thai cuisine at a fantastic value. Large portions, bargain prices and outstanding quality of food invite visitors to have an authentic dinner, sharing the table with local diners.

Pad Thai Shop Karon Phuket Thailand

2. Eat. Bar and Grill

One of the most popular restaurants in Karon, Eat. Bar and Grill is a stylish, modern, eye-catching venue located on the main road of Karon. Serving gorgeous steaks cooked to your liking and unique Western favourites, the restaurant appeases all palates and takes your casual dining to a new level.

Eat. Bar and Grill Karon Phuket Thailand

3. Ging Restaurant

Ging Restaurant is a midrange Thai diner that provides decent food in generous portions. The must-try here is Pad Thai – local fried rice noodles served with cashew, chicken, vegetables and soy sprouts. There are also vegetarian and seafood variations of Pad Thai available upon request.

Ging Restaurant Karon Phuket Thailand

4. Nami Ice-Cream

Those with a sweet tooth will swoon over Nami Ice-Cream, offering mouth-watering desserts, cakes, homemade ice-cream and other treats for your taste buds. Besides the sweet delights, the venue also serves fantastic coffee and a range of Thai dishes if you are feeling more peckish.

Nami Ice-Cream Karon Phuket Thailand

5. Kata Villa Restaurant

Kata Villa Restaurant is located on Karon’s main road. The venue serves amazing Thai food and succulent seafood for a cheap price. Kata Villa Restaurant is frequented by locals and expats wanting to savour fresh high-quality dishes in an unpretentious setting.

Kata Villa Restaurant Karon Phuket Thailand

6. Sabaijai Cafe

Sabaijai is a simple roadside cafe providing a cosy ambience and impeccable service. The cafe serves fantastic local and international food. The must-try is the green curry, but only try it if you like spicy food! Otherwise, sample the seafood spaghetti – a speciality of restaurant adapted to Western tastes.

Sabaijai Cafe Karon Phuket Thailand

7. MaMa Jin Restaurant

MaMa Jin is a Thai restaurant featuring a simple interior and beautifully presented local and international food. Offering a vast selection of Thai fare, seafood and vegetarian dishes, this casual dining establishment caters to all tastes, providing equally yummy Thai and Western dishes.

Mama Jin Restaurant Karon Phuket Thailand

8. Physis Greek Restaurant

Take a break from the Pad Thais and curries and head to Physis Greek Restaurant located on the main Karon road. Treat your taste buds to a juicy mixed grill plate or a light chicken wrap, or go local and savour a true Greek classic– tzatziki.

Physis Greek Restaurant Karon Phuket Thailand

9. Kalika 76 Restaurant

Kalika 76 is an affordable local eatery catering to tourists and serving delicious Asian cuisine. The venue provides an elaborate menu with a vast array of ‘to share’ and ‘to sample’ options. The real highlight of the restaurant is its stellar service and friendly staff, attentively and tirelessly scurrying from table to table, serving guests with wide and sincere smiles.

Kalika 76 Restaurant Karon Phuket Thailand

10. Karlsson Restaurant and Steakhouse

Celebrate gorgeous European cuisine in the sophisticated and elegant Karlsson Restaurant and Steakhouse. The venue serves scrumptious steaks cooked to perfection, wood-oven fired pizzas and unique Swedish fare. Pricier that most other restaurants in Karon, the place is still worth a visit, if you want to get an unforgettable dining experience in Karon – with a Swedish twist.

Karlsson Restaurant and Steakhouse Karon Phuket Thailand

Do you have a favourite restaurant in Karon? Let us know in the comments – we’re always looking for new places to achieve food coma!